This High-Tech Trash Can Seals Gross Trash Bags On Its Own

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We all know the struggle is real. That is: the struggle of having to pull overflowing trash bags out of the trash can. Oftentimes, this results in rips and tears that lead to garbage leaking out everywhere. But now, a company called Townew wants to make changing the trash an easier (and much cleaner) affair.


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The way the Townew trash can works is simple: When you're ready to take out the trash, you press a button on the front of the can, and Townew automatically seals the bag shut using a thermoplastic sealing technology. After you remove the bag and toss it, the trash can automatically loads itself with a new bag. It will also register when the bag is overloaded; the entire top part of the can opens up to seal the bag completely.


The catch: Townew doesn't use regular trash bags. Each can uses a refill ring that you need to replace around once a month; the rings are 100% recyclable and create up to 25 bags. You can see it in action here.


The can also features a sensor which automatically opens the lid when it detects movement up to a foot away. Best of all, the design of the product makes it look less like a trash can, and more like something you'd buy at the Apple store, making it easier to integrate into spaces like a bedroom or design-forward kitchens.

At this year's CES, organized by the Consumer Technology Association, Townew was an Innovation Award honoree in the category of home appliances.

Ready to trash your old can? The Townew is available now for $119.95.


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