Don't Leaf the House: West Elm Now Offers Plants Online

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Traveling to a sunny locale is one surefire way to cure the winter blues, but if a little getaway isn't in the budget, you've got a few options — say, filling your house with cheerful leafy friends! (Seriously, houseplants are scientifically proven to boost your mood.)

Lucky for you, online shopping for live greenery is easier than ever. Add to the list: a new partnership between direct-to-consumer plant shop Bloomscape and West Elm. Starting today, you'll be able to shop five of Bloomscape's most popular fronds on West Elm's website, each planted in your choice of a black, white, or terracotta pot.

Best of all, you can get every single plant delivered straight to your home — even extra-large ones, which no other major retailer can currently do. Check out the Bloomscape offerings below, and shop them online.

1. Bloomscape Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig Live Plant (Extra Large), $195

2. Bloomscape Potted Philodendron Heartleaf Plant (Small), $35

3. Bloomscape Potted Ribbon (Small), $35

4. Bloomscape Potted Monstera Plant (Large), $150

5. Bloomscape Potted Ponytail Palm (Medium), $65

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