These New UO Items Give Us Major '90s Vibes

As we get ready to start a new decade, why not look back at the past ones we loved so much? Like, you know, the '90s. That decade of four poster beds, floral motifs, clear landline telephones, and wavy CD towers. If you love a good dose of nostalgic decor inspiration, we noticed that some of the new items Urban Outfitters released definitely have that '90s vibe.

A few of these could definitely also work with the grandma chic aesthetic, if that floats your boat. Check out some of our picks from UO's recent new items:

Okay, that butterfly hook definitely reminds us of the butterfly hair clips of the '90s.

We love a good quilt during cooler weather, and this one, complete with floral accents, takes us back a couple of decades.

The classic, the icon: the inflatable chair. Now available to match with your midcentury modern furniture and other gold accoutrements.

Remember that '90s tongue twister about the lady selling seashells by the seashore? This bath mat totally reminds us of that.

A good tufted throw pillow feels classic, especially in this dreamy little floral pattern.

Holographic colors definitely had a moment recently but something about this purple hue brings to mind '90s summers.

To match with your Laura Ashley sheets, how about a floral ring tray complete with a kitten figurine?

Eva Recinos

Eva Recinos

Eva Recinos is an associate editor at Hunker. You can reach her at