9 of the Best IKEA Items for Small Kitchens

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Working with a small space can get especially challenging when it comes to your kitchen. In between trying not to bump into your pet or S.O. while chopping ingredients on a tiny sliver of countertop and wondering where you're going to put all these dirty dishes, you might just feel like giving up on it all.


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Lucky for you, we're always on the prowl for practical items, especially from affordable retailers like IKEA. Even one or two organizational items can help take your kitchen from utter chaos to sparkling tidiness.

Here are some of our favorite picks for creating more storage, space, and flexibility in your cook space:


1. Variera Plastic Bag Dispenser, $2.99

Let's start with a classic: the plastic bag dispenser you've probably seen in friends' places. Use it to free up drawer space or — as the product description suggests — consider it for umbrellas, gift bags, and other items.


2. Förhöja Kitchen Cart, $109

Adding another piece to your cook space might seem counterintuitive, but this one has so many functionalities. Use it as additional counter space and storage or to proudly display your mug collection while freeing up your cabinets.


3. Variera Pot Lid Organizer, $7.99

We know the struggle of sticking your hand into the bottom drawer/cabinet and hoping to find the right lid just this one time. Not only is that annoying but it's probably not the best use of space, thus this handy lid organizer.


4. Fjantig Hook (set of 3), $5.99

Okay, these are too cute to pass up. And they'll give you more options for hanging dish rags, aprons, and the like.


5. VURM Four Bottle Wine Rack, $12.99

You might think: a wine rack certainly doesn't help my tiny kitchen situation? It does when you use it in clever ways, like underneath an existing shelf.


6. OMAR Clip-on Basket, $5

If you're going to add a cart to your kitchen space, make the most of it. Create more storage with additions like this clip-on basket.


7. Kungsfors Wall Grid with Storage, $172.91

If you can't seem to get enough counter space to chop up even the smallest of vegetables, get creative with your wall. This wall grid with storage can hold dishes, utensils, towels, and more.


8. Bekväm Spice Rack, $4.99

Ah yes, the star of many an IKEA hack — the Bekväm spice rack. Use it to store not just your spices but also cookbooks and decor.


9. Fintorp Rail, $8.99

When in doubt, find new ways to hang out. That's the saying, right? Anyway, this Fintorp rail frees up space easily; just use a few hooks to hang items like utensils, condiments, and your good ole cheese grater.


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