30 Chic Gifts Under $100 For Every Single Person on Your List

Rialto Glass Tumblers
credit: SIR/MADAM

Check out the full Hunker Holiday Gift Guide for more ideas and inspo. Whether you're shopping for midcentury modern lovers, ceramic fiends, self-proclaimed foodies, or budding astrologers, we can help.

How's the gift shopping going? Have you crossed everyone off your (ever-growing) list yet? No, of course not, because that would require superhuman skills possessed only by the likes of Oprah and, possibly, Joanna Gaines. If you're a mere mortal like the rest of us, you're — conservative estimate — halfway through with your holiday shopping, and starting to engage in what we in the biz like to call "light panic."

But, never fear. We've rounded up the best under-$100 gifts for everyone still populating your list, from friends who love to entertain to your kid brother who just got` into craft beer to your favorite coworker who, in all likelihood, is stressing out about what to gift you at this very moment. Scroll down to see some true winners, then rest easy for the rest of the season. (Or, y'know, start worrying about New Year's, as is customary.)

Let them muddle, garnish, and stir to their heart's content with this handsome set carved from Tennessee hardwoods.

Black marble serving board
credit: The Citizenry

A hostess-approved, stately black marble board that makes even Trader Joe's cheese feel fancy.

Best Made Co. Match Vault
credit: Best Made Co.

A coffee table must for candle obsessives.

Marble arch coasters
credit: The Citizenry

The subtle arch evokes the modern desert vibe we've been loving all year.

Subtle abstract art vibes for your next happy hour, in goes-with-anything brass or blackened brass — a major #adulting trade-up from those branded free-with-purchase keychain openers.

Craighill Cal Bookends
credit: Craighill

A super-sculptural way for your favorite bookworm to display their latest reads.

A pretty-much-brilliant solution to the age-old glassware debate: One side is sized for shots, while the other can hold wine, mixed drinks, or whatever else your giftee likes to tipple.

HAY Moroccan Vase
credit: HAY

Hand-blown from recycled glass, in a bevy of pleasing palettes.

The next logical "disembodied feature" gift for fans of Cold Picnic.

Jessica Hans Vase
credit: HAY

For your friend who's always giving off gallery-owner-in-training vibes.

Quirky kitchenware for the chef whose humor skews tongue-in-cheek.

Tom Dixon Hand Wash
credit: YLiving

A solid contender for the next Status Hand Soap (it's a thing!).

Cooler than a standard diffuser, and perfect for your BFF who just got really into essential oils.

RBT Decanter
credit: goop

Gwyneth Paltrow-approved, and perfect for your Succession-loving sister who's still trying to convince you hyperdecanting is a thing.

Handmade in Kenya for a well-traveled look, with glass beads and rich leather that'll only improve with age.

A cute desk companion for your work-wife, in an on-trend shade of mint.

Self-Watering Pots
credit: MoMA

We all know an aspiring #plantmom who could use a little help keeping things green. These ingenious pots take the guesswork out of watering (and look nice on a windowsill, too).

Irresistibly adorable and touchably textural, for corralling jewelry, desk doodads, and really anything else that needs wrangling.

With a longer burn time than most and way more colors than you'd expect, these are votives leveled up.

Wideboy Alarm Clock
credit: MoMA

Lends an air of authenticity to any midcentury space.

Brass Dishwasher Magnet
credit: SIR/MADAM

Is it a little passive-aggressive to gift your significant other a magnet to indicate whether the dishes are clean or dirty? Yes. Is it a safeguard against potentially hundreds of future dishwasher-related fights to come? Also yes. Do it for your relationship.

Reality Box Turtle Box
credit: Areaware

Vaguely Oscar Wilde-esque, in the best way, and definitely a statement-making addition to any coffee table or open shelving display.

Copper Trivet
credit: SIR/MADAM

For anyone who loves a good patina.

A fancy — but not stuffy — standout addition to your favorite hostess's next dinner party.

Rialto Glass Tumblers
credit: SIR/MADAM

All the encouragement your friends need to throw a DADA-style dinner party in 2020.

Swirl Baking Dishes
credit: MoMA

Enamelware is in, and we like how these look like someone took a traditional mottled pattern and melted it. (The dishes themselves, though, are oven- and stove-safe.)

Desk Mat
credit: Slash Objects

A terrazzo-esque desk mat your niece who just got her first grown-up job (or just really likes taking desktop selfies).

An Instagram-worthy way to display cakes, candles, favorite objects du jour ...

Porter Ceramic Lunch Bowl
credit: NEED Supply

An almost impossibly chic lunch bowl, because your mom is trying to cut down on plastic in the new year.

Lexon Tykho 3 Speaker
credit: Need Supply

Yeah, your cousin doesn't even know that FM radio still exists, but she'll get a kick out of this very "aesthetic" Bluetooth speaker nonetheless.

Emily Bihl

Emily Bihl

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