The Magical and Maximalist Gift Guide, According to Loveis Wise

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When it comes to finding gifts for loved ones, there are usually two routes: practical and magical. The former, while always a safe and appreciated thought, is also usually a little bit, well, boring. (Looking at you, socks.) The magical gift, however, is usually oh so special and out there that it's remembered for years to come.


To help brainstorm a few ideas of magical, maximalist gifts, we tapped Loveis Wise, an illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles (who has their own shop on Etsy!), who knows a thing or two about gifting items to make their friends feel special. "There are so many people in my life who create magic everywhere they go," Wise explains. "These gifts are meant to feel as special as they are."


Scroll down to see Loveis Wise's magical and maximalist gift ideas.

The Inside Patterned Screen, $349

"The Inside has everything you could ever love about furniture with whim to match!"


Target Opalhouse Patio Egg Chair, $500

"Imagine yourself here with lots of plants surrounding you and curling up inside of this chair with a mug of tea."


Uni-Posca Paint Pens, $28.80

"One of my favorite tools to use in a sketchbook, and I could never have enough Posca pens."


Rayo & Honey Tote Bag, $55

"As someone who enjoys affirmations and words of wisdom, trust me, you will fall with everything at Rayo & Honey."


Pottery Barn Fantastic Beasts Moth Jewelry Holder, $89

"This Pottery Barn Fantastic Beasts collection is EVERYTHING, and I want all of it in my home!"


Red Cap Cards Gift Wrap, $5

"All of my friends should expect their gifts to be adorned with this lovely gift wrap from Red Cap Cards."

Urban Outfitters Moon Wall Shelf, $89

"From books to candles and altars in between, this cute statement shelf is perfect for any space."

Urban Outfitters Rattan Plant Stand, $129

"You can never have enough rattan pieces, and this stand is a cute accent piece for your plant friends."

Kate Zaremba Mirror Mirror Wallpaper, from $5

"I've been eyeing this vibrant wallpaper by Kate Zaremba for a while now and I can't wait to cover my house with it."

Tactile Matter Art Print, $45

"Kenesha Sneed's work is absolutely perfect but this piece is definitely a favorite of mine."

Tuesday Bassen Art Print, $25

"Tuesday's work is filled with ethereal & spooky goodness and [I] can't wait to grab this piece."

Resonance Apothecary Raise Your Vibration Spray, $24

"I love using this spray to help me to raise my vibration each morning or to help clear/refresh the energy in my space."

P.F. Candle Co. Teakwood & Tobacco Candle, $20

"P.F. Candle Co. has been my go-to for inviting joyous scent [into] my home, and this Teakwood & Tobacco candle is a great choice for the holiday season."

Lush Winter Garden Gift Set, $49.95

"You're gonna need to unwind and relax during the holiday season. Add a Lush bath bomb!"

Lisa Sterle, The Modern Witch Tarot Deck, $22.46

"I've been eyeing this beautifully illustrative deck and I can't wait to work with it."

The Sill Plant Subscription Box, $62

"This box is perfect for all folks interested in plants and looking for a happy surprise each month. They also have some lovely planters to match."