Happy Meow-idays: 21 Gifts for Your Festive Feline

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Cats might not count down the days until the holiday season, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't love a gift or two. Especially if that gift is a piece of string, food, or something shiny — anything they can hunt, really). And let's be honest, something about including our pets on our shopping list just makes the festivities that much more entertaining.

Thankfully, there are plenty of places where you can find presents for your festive feline, from surprisingly high-end to downright comical. We rounded up a few gifts that your cat will paw-sitively adore:

1. House Cat Club Catnip Gingerbread Man Christmas Cat Toy, $9

Don't exclude your cat from the holiday cookie excitement — just give them some fake treats instead. We recommend these gingerbread cat toys with catnip because they are purr-fectly festive.

2. Appleberry Attic Rosa Floral Peach Cat Collar with Bell, $13.95

No matter what Miranda Priestly says, we love florals all year round. This adorable collar (with the option of including a bell) will give your furry friend a fashionable upgrade.

3. Tuft + Paw Taberu Cat Dining Station, $119

This dining station looks more chic than most human dining tables. It's also a bit of an investment, so we'd say reserve it for the feline that's been on Santa's nice list for a few years now.

4. Furrytail Little House Cat, $39

You know the type of cat: the one that seems ready for photos and practically poses for the 'gram. Complement your rising celeb cat influencer with an equally social media-friendly cat house in a chic marble or terrazzo pattern.

5. Urban Outfitters Cat Massager, $8

It's what it says on the tin can: a face massager for those luxurious cats that enjoy a little pampering. Perfect for mid-day use in between cat naps.

6. Yamazaki Home Modern Pet Bowl Stand, $35

Maybe your cat is more of a minimalist when it comes to pets bowls. We respect that, tbh, and so do these chic pet bowls and stands.

7. IKEA Lurvig Pet Travel Bag, $24.99

No one likes going to the vet (yourself included), but the experience might go more smoothly with the right cat travel bag. Case in point: this IKEA pet travel tote that can also be used as a bed at home.

8. Myzoo Spaceship Gamma, $135

Simulate space travel with this cat pod out of a sci-fi novel. The cutest alien we've ever seen, tbh.

9. HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy, $20

If you want to multitask and watch Netflix while making sure the cat gets exercise, there are plenty of remote-controlled toys out there. This mouse one is a win-win, really.

10. Tuft + Paw Camada, $459

Litter boxes never looked so classy. Surprise your cat with this sleek container, a nice alternative to your standard clunky box.

11. Modern DIY Kitty Hammock

Orange cat in kitty hammock with pillow and wood frame on white rug

If you like getting crafty, try this cat hammock DIY project. Perfect for the cat that loves to lounge around all day (oh wait, that's all cats basically).

12. Target Holiday Ornament Cat Toy (pack of 2), $2.99

'Tis the season and your cat will feel that holiday spirit thanks to these ornament toys. The catnip and bell probably help, too.

13. PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel, $16.99

Keep your curious cat occupied with this lovely tunnel in a cool gray hue. It's also meant to be folded down when not in use, so it doesn't disrupt your space's aesthetics.

14. Boots & Barkley Diamond Cut Cat Bowl, $3.99

Create a fine dining experience for your hungry feline with this geometric, diamond cut cat bowl.

15. Uncommon Goods DJ Cat Scratching Pad, $35

Please make room for DJ Little Paws because she is here to have a good time. A scratcher with a turntable — need we say more?

16. Comme Des Moutons Chunky Crochet Cat Bed (Medium), $48.08

Honestly, we would curl up into this crotchet cat bed if we could. Perfect for those chillier nights.

17. Purrs and Stitches Cat Scarf (Small), $9.99

Part practical purchase (for warmth!) and part indulgence, this little knit scarf is sure to become a staple of your cat's wardrobe.

18. Urban Outfitters Cat Pod, $199

It's a spaceship, it's an onion — it's actually a pod for cats so they can get some privacy, thank you very much. Ideal for the feline that needs some space once in a while.

19. Modernish Shop Modern Pet Bowl, $30

Elevate your kitten's feeding station with these minimal, modern bowls. No need to hide them when guests come over.

20. Cosmo's Own Moon Cat Scratcher, $59.99

Encourage your cat to leave you alone at night by presenting them with this moon-themed scratcher. Great for nail filing and also for naps.

21. Ultra Mödern Pet Catissa, $620

Most cat towers look pretty drab, but this geometric, wood condo makes for a chic look. Plus, 30% of the brand's proceeds go to an animal charity.

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