The 26 Best Cleaning Gifts for Neat Freaks and Messy People

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

We fully support a practical holiday gift, especially when it also happens to be stylish. From robot vacuums and voice-sensitive trash cans to password managers and smartphone squeegees, these highly practical gifts for Marie Kondo-obsessed neat freaks and wannabe organizers are guaranteed to spark joy.


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Gift this cute set of sink supplies — including a dish brush, ceramic caddy, soap dispenser, and three sponges. It features bamboo handles, recycled plastic abrasive, and a neutral color scheme for a sleek look.


Inspired by the French culinary technique ​mise en place,​ Prepdeck's meal prep station is the perfect gift for the hyper-organized amateur chef. The magnet "lid" detaches and unfolds into a cutting board for slicing and dicing ingredients, and the unit contains 15 storage containers, in four sizes.


This mini set of cleaning supplies is perfect for a dorm room or tiny apartment. It has everything you need and won't take up tons of space. And if you're looking for a bigger bundle, opt for the original size cleaning set.


We will support any purchase that makes doing dishes more enjoyable. This convenient rack and mat duo comes in four trendy colors: charcoal, linen, denim, and latte.


This organization-meets-design book is chock full of tips and tricks from experts, gorgeous photos, and plenty of label-making inspo. It will keep your favorite organizer busy for days.


A pocket-sized dustbuster for tidying up the teensiest messes. It may not be completely necessary, but it's pretty darn cute and will certainly bring a smile to anyone's face.


On one end is a retractable brush for loosening dirt and grime, and on the other is a rubber wedge designed to dislodge stubborn refuse between cracks and other tight spots. It works on keyboards, computer screens, cell phones, camera lenses, and more.


Featuring dish soap, countertop spray, and a bottle of all-purpose cleaner, this trio of cleaning products combines essential oils and classic packaging for an effortlessly beautiful gift. It's also just about as practical as a gift can get.

Clean air is the gift that keeps on giving. This revolutionary model marks the first time air filtration is available in a personal air purifier. The user essentially brings a pure air zone with them wherever they go. How cool is that?

This set of wool dryer balls is the ultimate environmentally conscious gift. They save energy by shortening drying time and eliminating the waste of standard dryer sheets since they never wear out. Plus, the wool balls make for a gentler cycle, which in turn makes your clothing last longer — an added factor in reducing waste.

Equal parts practical and adorable, this compost bin will be sure to make a decorative statement on any kitchen counter. It comes complete with an activated charcoal filter that absorbs and traps odors — so you won't have any reason to hide it under the sink.

Dust bust away with this dream team. With a machine-washable head, bamboo handle, and modern design, this affordable gift is a true winner.

Say goodbye to wet counters and dripping bars of soap. This little gadget elevates the bar and drains water back into the sink with its slanted base, keeping all surfaces dry as can be.

Yes, your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why this cell phone sanitizer is the way to go. Plus, it charges your phone.

Dermatologists recommend cleaning makeup brushes every few weeks. And with this device by their side, the giftee can knock this task out effortlessly.

This self-cleaning water bottle comes in two sizes (17 ounce and 25 ounce), five colors (blue, black, mint, white, and pink), and is worth every penny of its steep price. LARQ's internal water purification system uses a UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants.

The iRobot Roomba 694 is on par with many other top-rated robot vacuum cleaners but is only a fraction of the price. This vacuum works well on pet hair, carpets, and hardwood floors, and has smart home capabilities, including scheduled cleanings and control through an app or your voice. Plus, it's self-charging.

Simple Human trashcans are the best. They're ideal for the clean freak who prefers to clean up as they cook, but hates having to wash their hands every time they open the can.

This sleek resin box contains a power strip with seven outlets and room to hide as many cords for all your electronic devices. It's sold in white, black, and this pretty grayish tone.

No more tangled jewelry with this cylindrical divider. The mobile fanned-out design also makes for super compact storage.

Sweep it over, and the EyeVac touchless stationary vacuum will suck it up. It seems too good to be true, but trust us — it's the real deal.

This adorable little gizmo uses NASA-approved carbon technology to kill bacteria, wipe away fingerprints, and ​repel​ dirt and oil. Pop the cap back on and the invisible carbon molecules will shift around to create a clean, fresh surface for next time.

Sweater pills, be gone! Once they have this, your recipient will never know how they lived without it.

The encrypted virtual vault can be trusted to store and manage the ever-growing list of usernames, passwords, software licenses, and account numbers that are required to exist in the digital age.

Make cleaning a breeze with this modern rolling rack. Store it in a laundry room or garage when it's not in use.

Disinfect soft surfaces, like couches and pillows, just like you'd sanitize your wooden surfaces. This ingenious invention is a major game-changer for keeping a safe and healthy home.