The Tiny Kid-Friendly Dyson Vacuum Is Back and Better Than Ever

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Last year, we couldn't help but rave over the Casdon Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum, which is an exact replica of the adult-size version. Remember that episode of Friends: The one where Monica is cleaning her large vacuum with a handheld vacuum? That's the first thing we though of when we saw this tiny Dyson vacuum — Monica Gellar would love this.

The battery-powered toy has a functional suction feature along with a cyclone of colorful balls that move around while vacuuming, perfect for teaching little helpers that cleaning can be fun, too. Now, there are even more mini Dyson models to choose from so kids can start their adulting early and know the shame-free joy of having a favorite home appliance (you know you have one, too). In addition to the yellow Dyson Ball model, you can also get it in different colors and cord-free replicas.

The Dyson vacuum toys are available online at Target, Pottery Barn Kids, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond from $26.99 to $69.00. (PSA: If you buy from Pottery Barn Kids right now, you can save up to 30% on furniture with code MOREPLEASE.) Scroll through to see all of the tiny Dyson vacuums both kids and parents can enjoy.

Casdon Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum in Yellow, $26.99

Dyson Cord-Free Toy Vacuum in Yellow and Purple, $26.99

Casdon Dyson Ball ToyVacuum in Pink, $46.99

Dyson Cordless Toy Vacuum in Gray, $69.00

Dyson Toy Vacuum in Gray, $69.00

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