Excuse Me While I Wade in My #OutdoorTub Fantasy

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In my dream house, there've always been multiple water features: A pool, of course. As well as a hot tub and an outdoor shower. But how could I get this far and not realize that I also need an outdoor tub?! Specifically, I'd like a deck tub, like the one pictured above. And then maybe a garden tub: One that's a bit more romantic and private. (To be clear, the hot tub situation is a totally separate story.) Let's peruse Instagram for some more ideas, shall we?

What say you to this rustic, cabin-y clawfoot tub?

But maybe we need something more jungalow-y ...

This one has a stand-up shower not too far off. Smart.

In this setup, you can chat with your guests while they watch you bathe in nature.

HAHAHAHAHA, OK, Influencer. Is this real life?


A lil farmhouse chic never hurt nobody.

And finally ... an outdoor tub with ocean views.

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