The Most Popular Plants in Home Decor Right Now, According to Pinterest

three succulents in pink planters
credit: The Sill

If you want to add some more greenery to your space in 2020, you can find plenty of inspiration online.

Pinterest recently released info on popular home decor trends, and indoor water gardens sit at the top of the list. Within the category of plants that can either propagate or entirely grow underwater, you can see which plants are searched for the most. We're using this as a guide to our next plant addition.

Check out the most popular picks below, indicated by how much searches for them have gone up.

Fiddle Leaf Plant (up 2476%)

fiddle leaf fig tree
credit: Magnolia

They can grow up to 10 feet tall, and you've probably seen them in plenty of Insta interiors. The fiddle leaf fig tree requires watering once a week and bright, indirect sunlight.

Pothos Varieties (up 531%)

golden pothos plant
credit: Pottery Barn

The brightness of a pothos plant can help tie a room together, so it's no surprise the plant made this list. Keep it in medium-to-low indirect light and water every one to two weeks.

Succulents (up 236%)

three succulents in pink planters
credit: The Sill

These ever-popular plants make a great addition to a kitchen window sill, breakfast nook, or sun-soaked desk. Just make sure they get plenty of bright, direct light so they can thrive.

Snake Plant Varieties (up 220%)

snake floor plant in cloth planter near chair
credit: Amazon

The snake plant comes with a lot of personality already, but we love the idea of housing it in a cloth- or canvas-covered planter to add a laid-back vibe. Keep the plant in bright, indirect light and water every two to three weeks.

Lucky Bamboo Plants (up 185%)

bamboo plant on wooden tray near sofa
credit: Amazon

Who among us couldn't use a little luck every now and then? It's not shocking that lucky bamboo plants made the cut. Keep yours in bright, indirect sunlight; most sources recommend replenishing with fresh water every seven to 10 days.

Eva Recinos

Eva Recinos

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