Insider Tip: Etsy’s Got a Ton of Vintage IKEA Items

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Did you know? IKEA's been around since the '50s. And while we may sometimes laugh when the company's vintage catalogs make their way around the internets, we always know that what goes around comes around. A lot of IKEA's louder designs of the '80s and '90s are now being re-embraced as part of contemporary decor. There are plenty of cool vintage IKEA items to be found on Etsy (Did you know, for example that Ettore Sottsass did a line for them?). Just keep in mind that many of these items are from Scandinavian sellers (no surprise there!), so shipping/import taxes may add to the price tag. There's also a ton of lighting available, and these pieces may need to be rewired to work in U.S. homes. Still — you'll notice these are now collectors' items, so holding onto one can only be a good thing.

1. 1970s Dice Pendant Design by Hoyrup Lamper for IKEA, $329.25

2. 1980s Ettore Sottsass for IKEA Wall or Desk Lamp, $165.32

3. '70s-Era IKEA Interlocking Tea Light Votives, $25

4. 1990s IKEA Sputnik-Style Wall Hook, $47.82

5. 1980s Ettore Sottsass for IKEA Pendant, $109.75

6. '80s IKEA Valet Stand, $147.43

7. 1970s IKEA Pendant Lights by Designer Bent Gantzel Boysen, $340.80

8. Rare 1999 IKEA PS Series Stools, $1,039.74

9. 1970s IKEA Brass and Glass Pendant Lights, $286.66

10. 1991 Verner Panton for IKEA Limited Edition Vilbert Chairs, $2,183.46

11. 1980s IKEA Wall Clock, $95

12. 1990s Anne Nilsson for IKEA Vase, $69.32

13. 1990s IKEA Plywood Bench, $485.21

14. 1980s Ettore Sottsass for IKEA Lamp, $202.17

15. 1990s IKEA Wood Horse, $57.71

16. 1990s IKEA Christmas Electric Candle, $35

17. 1970s Karin Mobring for IKEA Pine Chairs, $749.77

18. 1970s IKEA Wall Clock, $243.75

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