14 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Decor Enthusiast

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In a world full of miscellaneous things that we're constantly accumulating, creating a minimalist home — free of clutter and chaos — has become increasingly attractive. Don't get us wrong: We love layers upon layers of decor, but there's nothing quite like the relaxing exhale that comes from stepping into a pared-back interior.

That said, the idea of buying something for a minimalist decor enthusiast seems, well, kind of counterintuitive. But just because someone values minimalism, doesn't mean they don't crave beautifully designed items that make their lives easier or boost their mood. It just takes a little extra thought and consideration to find the perfect item. Equally elegant and functional, the following gifts are sure to elevate the interior of any minimalist home without encroaching on its pared-back style.

1. Binu Binu Box Set, $85

These sculptural soaps are the perfect blend of form and function. They'll look great in the bathroom while serving a variety of purposes, such as softening, conditioning, and exfoliating, depending on the bar.

2. Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box, $47.99

A love of jewelry and other accessories can be a nightmare for a minimalist, but it doesn't have to be. This modern jewelry organizer takes up very little space while offering a ton of hidden compartments for all of those small, hard-to-store items.


3. Anthropologie Diffuser With Built-In Speaker, $60

Not only will this diffuser fill a home with feel-good scents, but it also comes with a Bluetooth speaker and clock—3-in-1 functionality that's ideal for lovers of pared-back decor.

4. Modway Haste Modern Hourglass Stool, $36.92

This sleek storage solution can be used as an ottoman, stool, or side table while providing plenty of sneaky storage. Plus, it comes in four different hues, so it's easy to find just the right one.

5. Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf, $11.11

For the minimalist bibliophile who doesn't want to get on board with digital books, there might be no better gift than this magical floating bookshelf.

6. Loop Design Studio Scandinavian Entryway Hook, $14

These mod, Scandi-inspired hooks instantly offer a place to hang things out of the way while lending a sweet pop of color to any interior.


7. Concrete Raw Tray Set, $70

Catch-all trays are a minimalist's best friend, providing a home for all those tough-to-categorize items. These concrete trays can properly display anything from soap to glasses to keys, and look great doing it.

8. Cedar and Stone Garden Concrete Toothbrush Holders, $8.50

Featuring a sleek design and 14 soothing hues to choose from, these toothbrush holders are a killer complement to a minimal bathroom.

9. Urban Outfitters Tear Mirror, $49

This little mirror is a great way to fill a blank wall or define an uncertain space with functional style. And its gilded border will add just the right amount of quiet glamor.

10. West Elm Virginia Sin Uni Candle Holder, $38

The slick design of this stoneware candle holder is the perfect companion to a holiday dinner. But even when not in use, it will offer plenty of visual intrigue anywhere it lives.


11. Huang Acrylic Coaster Set, $24.77

Nearly invisible, it doesn't get much more minimal than these coasters. They'll elegantly protect every surface without cramping anyone's style.

12. The Sill Watering Can, $59

Watering cans can be an eyesore, but that most definitely doesn't need to be the case. Gift this beauty, which comes in three chic finishes, to the plant-loving minimalist in your life.

13. Mochi Things Simple Photograph Album, $49.95

With countless photos of us floating in space online, there's something so chic and nostalgic about a photo book that you can actually feel and flip through with your hands, especially when it's as beautiful as this. It also makes a great addition to a coffee table vignette.

14. Tucker Murphy Pet Kaylor Midcentury Modern Dog Sofa, $66.80

The airy, mod silhouette of this dog bed will blend beautifully with a pared-back vibe while providing a comfy place for a minimalist's furry friend to rest their head.


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