Imagining Modern Rooms for the 'Gilmore Girls' Characters

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Can you believe that it's been a full 19 years since Gilmore Girls debuted? Truthfully, neither can we. And it's already been three years since the all-too-brief Netflix revival. But thanks to Modsy, you can now decorate your own home like the Stars Hollow set — with a modern twist.

The interior design startup has imagined what the homes of Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Sookie, Paris, and Emily might look like today, creating shoppable interiors (yes, you can actually buy all these pieces IRL!). Take a peek below at the six rooms, and shop them here.


Comfort is key in Lorelai's home — plus her playful personality. We love the calming "rainstorm blue" walls paired with funky furnishings.


Rory's style is super East Coast chic, so Modsy combined farmhouse and coastal styles to create a classic look.


Luke's living room has plenty of elements that might have been hand-me-downs from his dad's hardware store, mixed with masculine elements like the forest-green walls and the plaid throw pillows.


Sookie's creativity shines in this colorful space, which demonstrates her love for fruits, vegetables, and flowers.


Paris is a little more intense than the other characters on the show, and it shows in this monochromatic room. The design is a little stark, but still very elegant.


Though the furniture is quite formal in Emily's space, the wallpaper adds a very modern twist.

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