Run Don't Skywalk: Le Creuset Finally Restocked Its Epic 'Star Wars' Collection

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Cook or cook not, there is no try. Some good news for Star Wars fans who also love a good Le Creuset piece: Finally a restock of the uber-popular Star Wars-themed collection there is.


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Straight-up fun the line is: An inky black Darth Vader Dutch oven, there is; mini cocottes inspired by R2-D2, C-3PO, and BB-8; of the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon trivets in the shape; and roaster featuring Han Solo "frozen" in Carbonite. Herh herh herh herh!

Most exciting to collectors will be, the extremely limited edition hand-painted Tatooine Dutch oven — they make just 13 of them (with just four available in the U.S.). In the running to buy one, you need to sign up to be, $900 must you pay. It so special, why is, hmmm?

How the company explains: "Inspired by the desert planet that Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker both called home, this round Dutch oven is as unique as Tatooine's iconic, binary sunset. Complete with a Signature Gold Knob and featuring the pinks and blues of a fading Tatooine sky, this special-edition pot perfectly captures the warmly lit world in the galaxy's Outer Rim." Hrrmmmm.


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