Marie Kondo's Upcoming Book Will Help You Fight Burnout in 2020

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We already knew that Marie Kondo was working on quite a few new projects, especially since she shared details of an adorable kids' book. The organization pro now wants to help you spark joy when it comes to work and career.

Kondo gave a sneak peek on Instagram of her new book, Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life, and fans are already excited.

Kondo wrote the book with co-author Scott Sonenshein, a Rice University professor. Sonenshein is the author of Stretch, a book that focuses on doing "more with what you already have" when it comes to career, family, and everyday life. So it makes sense that the two would pair up to basically become a dynamic duo of decluttering your work.

The book combines the KonMari Method with relevant research to help readers "overcome the challenges of workplace mess" and reap the rewards of a "tidy desk and mind." That means tackling everything from an overflowing inbox to the physical mess of our workspaces.

Joy at Work officially drops on April 7, 2020, but you can preorder it now.

Eva Recinos

Eva Recinos

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