Is It Just Us or Are Candleholders Getting More and More Abstract?

candleholder in the shape of gold branches
credit: West Elm

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Whether you love a good scented candle, an elegant pair of candlesticks, or a few teeny tea lights, we totally understand the impulse to strike a match and make the mood cozier. But candleholders these days don't just function on a practical level — they serve as decor items in their own right, and the perfect one can elevate your space's aesthetic.

Lately we've been bookmarking creative candleholders we see in our Instagram feeds and online. Gone are the days of your straightforward candleholder — say hello to the curving, geometric, artsy one instead.

Behold, some of our recent favorites that are sure to be conversation starters:

candleholder with votive candle and gold details
credit: West Elm

Why place your votive candle in a holder that just sits on the table? This one adds a few twists and turns instead.

four candles in silver candleholder with foliage details
credit: Anthropologie

Show off your love of foliage and your penchant for candles in one decor item.

wire candle holder with tea lights
credit: CB2

It's like the pick up sticks game but with candles artfully placed here and there.

three black candles in a candleholder with circular parts
credit: Trouva

This piece looks edgy enough already, but it gets even cooler when you realize you can arrange these individual pieces separately too.

candleholder in the shape of gold branches
credit: West Elm

No, that's not a haphazardly fallen tree branch on the table. It's a gold candelabra that's classy AF.

gold candleholder with white candle
credit: Hay

So many curves for one little candlestick.

gold candleholder with marble detail
credit: H&M

The accent in the middle is the cherry on top — or marble on top, in this case.

black candleholder with tall black candle
credit: Work Of

At first glance you might think this holder seems pretty standard — until you realize how it works. Two sticks on the side basically make it look like your candle is levitating, nbd.

candleholder for five candles
credit: Hayneedle

This sort of reminds us of those little puzzles for kids in doctor's waiting rooms, except there will be candles in this one so no kids allowed.

Part candleholder, part glam decor piece.

candleholder with white candle
credit: Y Living

And we're back to optical illusions, aka a holder that makes the candle looks like it's floating. We also appreciate the tray at the bottom, which coincidentally helps to catch dripping wax.

Eva Recinos

Eva Recinos

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