9 Decor Finds That Are Actually Quite Creepy

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Halloween lovers can finally feel vindicated: It's October, and the countdown to the 31st has begun. And while we know plenty of good places to shop for spooky decor, we also occasionally find objects that are unsettling in a way we can't quite put a finger on.

Check out some of our creepy picks below:

1. Chris Wolston Nalgona Dining Chair 01, price upon request

Not entirely sure we would sit back and relax in this chair — mostly out of fear that the arms would suddenly move.

2. Bethany Gray Design Jali Open Bowl, $2,700

Don't know if this bowl would hold anything, and also it gives us an unsettling feeling.

3. James Wines Lightbulb Table Lamp, $468

This makes turning the lights on a little less comforting.

4. Death by Modernism Supervoid™ S-Chair, $299

This is more of a fun one that piqued our interest — especially since there's a feud going on regarding the color. But still great inspiration for creepy, dark furniture.

5. Os and Oos Heliacal for FontanaArte, price upon inquiry

The lamp "inspired by astronomical phenomena" strikes us as eerie. Like a Black Mirror episode meets high design.

6. L'Objet Haas Lazy Susan Catchall Tray White, $545.49

We're all for ways to keep our trinkets in one place and this veers a bit towards the, uh, surreal side.

7. Concrete Cat Persephone Planter, $330

Anyone else getting Stranger Things vibes?

8. Seletti Standing Mouse Lamp, $84.99

Cute but startling if you walk out in the dark and forget you bought a mouse-shaped lamp.

9. IKEA Lindrande globe, $19.99

Mostly creepy because it basically implies the Earth is disappearing, maybe?

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