The Most Popular Holiday Gift and Decor Trends, According to Etsy

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Fall doesn't just mean the arrival of all things pumpkin and the gorgeous change in the colors of the leaves. It also marks the official start to the holiday season. And with that comes Etsy's 2019 Holiday Trend Guide (a.k.a. the ultimate shortcut to finding the best one-of-a-kind presents, decor, and table setting inspo for every big day). To find the best of the best trends, Etsy collected data from the last six months and compared it to results from last year.

Here are the eight major trends Etsy found to make it your best gift-giving season yet.

Winter Whites

Winter whites are basically a minimalist's dream. It's a fresh and foolproof rule to follow when you're looking to buy a chic gift or set a universally appropriate table. According to Etsy, searches for winter whites have increased by 11% in the last six months.

Shop the trend: Dinnerware Set, starting at $113.40; Crystal Lid Jar, $75.00; White and Copper Handmade Vase, $79.00

Happy Pawlidays

Humans aren't the only ones who can have fun during the holidays. People have been all about buying personalized gifts just for their pets. Searches for pet portraits have gone up by 51% and searches for custom pet items have increased by 17%.

Shop the trend: Custom Pet Illustration Pillow, $65.00; Pet Treat Advent Calendar, starting at $31.17; Pet Owner Portrait, starting at $38.45

Greener Gifting

Cutting back on single-use items is a great step to becoming more eco-friendly, and Etsy buyers are totally into it. Compared to last year, there's been a 42% increase in searches for more sustainable purchases.

Shop the trend: Bedside Floor Lamp With Paper Lamp Shade, $320.73; Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, starting at $24.00; Reusable Ceramic Travel Mug, $66.00

Winter Jungle-land

For anyone who experiences the full effects of a cold and snow-filled winter, adding a few jungle-themed items to your home doesn't seem like a bad idea. Turns out, all things jungle (including some tropical animals) is a major win this holiday season. Etsy shoppers have upped their searches for jungle items by 33%, toucan items by 20%, tiger items by 7%, and leopard print by 57%.

Shop the trend: Toucans Tray, $33.00; Leopard Print Handmade Ceramic Stoneware Mug, $48.00; Flamingo Ornament, $10.00

Stained Glass

Stained glass is a timeless craft that Etsy sellers have completely modernized, so much so that searches for stained glass products have increased by 69%.

Shop the trend: Glass Succulent Wedding Ring Holder, $85.00; Stained Glass Parrot, starting at $250.00; Stained Glass Elements Set, $98.00

Shimmer and Shine

Who doesn't love a little shimmer here and there? This glamorous trend is perfect for anyone looking for a stand-out gift. Searches for iridescent items are up by 6% and searches for celestial items are up by 47%.

Shop the trend: Aura Prism Cappuccino Mug, $79.00; Personalized Iridescent Christmas Bauble, starting at $16.82; Holographic Christmas Stocking, $28.00


Etsy shoppers love their winter whites, but they're all about maximalism, too. Searches have increased for colorful decor by 26%, textured items by 14%, and patterned items by 4%.

Shop the trend: Fabric Plant Pot, $38.89; Alternative Modern Pom Pom Wreath, $201.30; Custom Name Ornament, $25.00

Cozy Cabin

The holiday is all about getting cozy, and if you can't enjoy a weekend getaway in a cabin, you might as well try to recreate it at home with woodsy patterns and lots of plaid items. There has been a 17% increase in searches for cabin style and a 51% increase in searches for plaid decor.

Shop the trend: Natural White Birch Forest Wood Clock, starting at $29.99; Engraved Wood Bottle Opener, $28.00; Raw Wool Blanket, $380.00

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