This Study Pinpoints the 5 Most Common Moving Mistakes

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Few things are more stressful than moving — and stress often means mistakes. A new study of 2,000 Americans conducted by OnePoll for furniture company Article found that the average American often makes five common mistake in the process of moving; 44% have made those same mistakes more than once. Ouch.


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In fact, moving is so stressful that it competes closely with other major life events. Out of those surveyed, 36% said losing a job was a highly stressful situation — followed close by moving (34%) and planning a wedding (28%).

The top five moving mistakes include:

  1. Waiting until the last minute to begin packing (45%)
  2. Purchasing or moving oversize furniture (37%)
  3. Attempting to do everything themselves (36%)
  4. Not budgeting enough for the move (35%)
  5. Furniture delays (34%)


Have kids? Your move might be even worse — 30% of those surveyed said that moving with children was most difficult, while another 21% say that moving with a spouse or significant other was extremely challenging. Other forms of moving stress are equally unsurprising, with 41% saying they loathed having to clean the old home before moving to a new one. And 35% of movers just hate packing overall.

Are you as stressed out about moving as the rest of America? You can take a look at the entire study here, and be thankful you only have to read about moving today.