The 11 Best New Arrivals From IKEA's 2020 Catalog

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Stage 1 of getting the new IKEA catalog: Rabid initial consumption and top-level takeaways.


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Stage 2: A deeper dive, where you scrutinize all the new offerings, and begin making your wishlist. Here's what's on ours.

1. Besta Wall-Mounted Cabinet, $375

This new addition to the Besta collection brings sophisticated slatted doors. You could make this item even sexier by adding a brass top or base.


2. Lubban Serving Cart With Storage, $69

Oh, the versatility! It's a bar cart! It's a bedside table! It's ... anything you want it to be.


3. Buskbo/Djupvik Armchair With Seat Cushion, $160

Can't be mad at another cute rattan addition.


4. Nikkeby 4-Drawer Dresser, $79

Works in kids' rooms. Works as an arty-industrial touch to a hallway.


5. Skallran Table/Wall Lamp Base, $6.99

Might not look like much, but these super cheap lamp bases can actually look very professional if you line them up and use dipped bulbs.


6. Saxborga Storage Box With Mirrored Lid, $19.99

Anything that ups our vanity table game is A-OK in our books.


7. Nilsove Armchair, $89

Sure, throw another rattan chair on it — we can handle it.


8. Kryddpeppar Plant Stand, $24.99

We've been seeing this in all our fave influencers' homes.

9. Nikkeby Clothes Rack, $60

Perfect for small spaces or guest rooms.

10. Gradvis Vase, $12.99

Not a new style, but a new, more neutral colorway.

11. Skogslok Ergonomic Pillow, $7.99

Finally, the pillow of our dreams.