8 Exciting New Releases from IKEA's 2020 Catalog

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We recently wrote about the IKEA collections you should look forward to in 2020, and now that special time of the year has arrived: the 2020 catalog has officially dropped.

The new catalog puts the focus on one important activity: sleeping. The retailer shares in a press release that the global average for hours slept has fallen from eight to a little over six in the last 50 years. So how do you set up your home to catch more zzz's? IKEA suggests paying attention to the light, textures, and sound in your bedroom. And suggests outfitting your sleep space with a good pillow and headboard.

You can also find items for moving in style, personalizing your apartment, and organizing a shared space. Here are some of the new, exciting additions, many of which will officially launch in August:

1. Pipstäkra Duvet Cover and Pillowcases, $27.99

2. Skogslök Ergonomic Pillow, $7.99

3. Talrika Dinnerware, starting at $8.99

4. Flottebo Sleeper Sofa

5. Vitval Bunk and Loft Bed

6. Symfonisk Table Lamp, available in August

7. Slattum Upholstered Bed

8. Skuggbräcka Duvet Cover

Eva Recinos is an associate editor at Hunker. You can reach her at eva@hunker.com

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