Can't Make It to Area 51? Stay in This UFO for $11 Instead

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If sometimes you just feel like leaving Earth behind, consider this alternative: a night in a UFO that makes you feel like you traveled galaxies away from your earthly problems. We know Airbnb includes structures that are a far cry from your average hotel, but their recent promotion takes this a step further.

In celebration of the anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, the site will offer a few select listings at a fraction of their usual costs. Chief among them: this one-bedroom space with a remote-control hatch that looks like it just landed on Earth. The white-walled, onion-like structure can accommodate around four extraterrestrial-loving travelers. It usually goes for $123 a night but on July 20, you can book the space for $11. Located in Redberth, United Kingdom, it sits near a farmhouse and includes a monitor for 80s video games like Space Invaders.

If the location or style don't quite fit your needs, don't despair. The site gathered up a few other cosmic finds for your getaway — also open for booking on the same date, with the same price. Other options include the Moon Camp in Joshua Tree, powered by solar panels. The deal goes live between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Eastern Time so set your intergalactic alarm clock.

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