This Chic Beanie Sofa Is Filled With an Unexpected Material

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We occasionally come across furniture made from non-traditional materials — like these pieces made out of mushrooms — and every time we can't help but want to know more. Enter the Beanie Sofa, a modern and surprisingly chic couch described as "one long bean bag." The twist: it's filled with lentil beans.

Yup, you read that correctly. NEA Studio filled the sofa with "organic latex and lentil beans" that will "support the natural curves and movements of the body," according to its website. From a first look, it seems like the perfect couch to sink into after a long week, tbh.

Only two more elements — wood and textile — make up the short list of components in the simple yet genius sofa. But as much as we love this design, the price tag is a bit hefty at $11,700. So for now, we'll love it from afar. As a concept, it definitely shows how designers might be able to merge design and natural materials.

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