Take This Quiz About Your Personality for a Color Palette That Matches

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Getting a space where you can actually paint the walls feels like a treat. But then you might find yourself in a challenging spot: Where to even begin? Or if you want to, let's say, refresh an already-painted space: What color should you try next?

Sherwin-Williams wants to make the process easier — and more fun, tbh — with a new color quiz. The ColorSnap Color ID collection features eight palettes based on your personality, with names like Dreamer, Creative, and Naturalist.

Officially launched today, the new tool was created to make it easy for you to get your own personalized color palette. The online quiz — well, technically, a wall with pop-up dialogue bubbles — asks you about pets, hobbies, music, and design style to determine your perfect suite of colors. Once you get your results, you can browse each hue individually.

The quiz currently features 16 different colors in each palette. They serve as inspiration so you can mix and match or use just one color at a time. If you happen to be at a Sherwin-Williams store in the U.S. or Canada, you can also take the quiz there. Excuse us while we send this to all of our decor-obsessed friends.

Eva Recinos is an associate editor at Hunker. You can reach her at eva@hunker.com

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