Our Associate Editor's Ideal Lazy Sunday: Cat Mugs, Art Museums, and Meal Prep

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Welcome to Lazy Sundays, where we peek into the weekend lives of design-minded folks. Today, Hunker's Associate Editor, Eva Recinos, brings you into her Sunday routine, which starts in her apartment in West Hollywood. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.



Normally, I'll wake up around 8 or 9 a.m. and check my phone before petting my cat briefly. Unfortunately, she sometimes starts meowing at me around 4:30 a.m. for her food. I recently bought an automatic feeder that lets you set different times, but now that she knows it goes off at 5 a.m. I guess she just wants it to happen more quickly. She'll usually jump on the bed once I'm up and I'll pet her for a few minutes (it's hard to get out of bed when this happens).

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After I roll out of bed, I pour myself a generous mug of Earl Grey tea with a little almond milk. I have a mug problem — it's hard for me to resist a cute mug, and we're running out of room for where to put them. I got this amazing cat person mug as a gift recently and it's one of my favorites.

I make myself some eggs and hash browns or if I'm feeling really fancy, I'll get the waffle maker on. My favorite is chocolate chip waffles. My not-so-favorite part: cleaning up the mess. I grab a couple of these hair, skin, and nails gummies before heading out the door.

I usually head to a nearby cafe to grab an iced chai latte and do some writing. I used to try and carry everything (my laptop, books, makeup, etc.) in one bag but once I started having a lot of shoulder tension, I switched to a backpack. I already get mistaken for a college/high school student and the backpack probably doesn't help, but it's so useful and convenient. (Plus, this one from Target is so sleek and affordable).

I keep quite a few books in rotation because I don't have a car, so my commuting time makes it easy to get a lot of reading done. I recently started this small but fascinating book on the history of modern architecture.


I usually hit a wall around late afternoon so if I feel like indulging, I'll meet a friend for lunch. Some of my favorite spots include The Semi-Tropic in Echo Park or Alcove in Los Feliz, where I will happily indulge in a good cheese board and maybe a glass of bubbly. I keep a little body oil on me just to stay hydrated and smelling good. This floral one from Urban Outfitters is an all-time fave.


Then I'll see if I can convince anyone to come with me to a gallery or museum exhibition. I love getting lost in these spaces and taking photos of everything I see to share on social media later. Since I know I'll be doing a lot of walking during the day, I try to wear comfortable shoes. I'm obsessed with floral patterns, so I have two pairs of floral sneakers on rotation — high tops and low tops, both from Keds x Rifle Paper Co.

Afterward, I might wander into a museum shop or decor store. I love looking at the jewelry and clothing at Leola Lace in Little Tokyo — I can't resist a good acetate earring.


I try my hardest to meal prep Sunday evenings for the rest of the week. That means either working with what I've got or making a grocery run. I recently bought these Otherwild reusable produce bags to try and reduce the amount of plastic bags I use. I also like to pack any snacks (fruit, chips, etc.) in reusable small bags like these Stasher ones that a friend recommended.

After I pack my food for the next day, it's time to wind down. I play with the cat for a bit and check if there's anything I can tidy up quickly. If my partner is free, we'll have dinner together and catch up.

I do love some Netflix time, but I usually try to curl up with a book — and another cup of tea, this time decaf. Perhaps I'll go for another cat mug, also a gift (sensing a trend here?). I also usually like to light a candle, and this Voluspa scent is one of my favorites.

When I'm feeling extra luxurious, I turn on my massage pillow and close my eyes for a bit. It helps me get extra ready to conquer the week ahead.

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Eva is a Los Angeles-based writer who covers trends, news, and makers for Hunker. Her writing has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Bustle, KCET and more. She is a proud bookworm and organizes her books by color.