17 Items Under $30 to Keep Your Dorm Organized

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The excitement of moving into a new dorm can sometimes overshadow some of the practical realities — like the fact that you have to share a space with (often) total strangers. (And that you'll balance busy schedules and piles of homework while trying to maintain a clean and cozy space.)

But shopping for ways to stay organized before you even move in can save you a lot of work later on. We rounded up some items that can make staying organized much easier. Some of these would definitely also work for apartments near campus or even for the space after you graduate. Let's be real — small space storage solutions come in handy no matter the chapter of your life.

Here are some useful and stylish picks:

1. Tjena Storage Box With Lid, $4.99

Start with the basics, but in a fun way: These storage boxes make a statement while keeping all your notes and flyers in one place.

2. Palmistry Trinket Dish, $16

Here's a nice little catchall to keep your dorm keys, jewelry, and laundry money.

3. Pärkla Storage Case, $2.99

Make use of that space under your bed in a smart way. This storage case with a fun bright-orange lining also folds down flat when you don't need it.

4. Umbra Flex Single Shelf Caddy, $7.49

Need more space in the shower? Try this caddy to avoid fights over who gets the built-in shelf.

5. Decorative Coiled Basket, $15.29

The basket for all sorts of uses: gym clothes, textbooks, other things you immediately throw on the floor after a long day.

6. YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer, $19.99

This is a timesaving trick so you can grab your lunch and get out the door in record time.

7. Iris Corner Curved Storage Shelf, $25.99

Take advantage of the little corner spaces in your dorm with shelves like this three-tier unit.

8. Hair Care Caddy, $24

Since you don't have time every morning to untangle a ton of cords.

9. Three-Shelf Utility Storage Cart, $19.99

Here's a practical addition to any bathroom, kitchen, or living room space.

10. Bobby Pin and Hair Clip Magnetic Holder, $13.98

Finally, a place to keep bobby pins so you don't have to keep searching for them all over your dorm.

11. Elago Charging Hub, $25

Keep your phone charged and your headphones in one place — just don't put them somewhere too distracting.

12. Wayfair Basics H Over the Toilet Storage, $26.99

If you can't seem to find enough room for everyone's toiletries, try creating more with items like this over the toilet shelf.

13. Aimee Jewelry Storage Hanging Mirror, $29

A statement piece that doubles as an organizer. No corkboard pins needed.

14. Check Print Square Box, starting at $17.90

Use these chic little boxes in the bathroom, bedroom, or desk area to keep odds and ends in one place.

15. Jerrybox Vanity Organizer, $20.99

Keep your skincare essentials in one place and prevent them from getting lost in the chaos of a shared bathroom.

16. Polder Under-the-Sink Storage Caddy, $29.99

Free up some room and keep things in one place with this handy under-the-sink caddy.

17. Wooden Organizer 12 Pair Shoe Rack, $21.99

Keep everyone's shoes in one place when they're not in the closet.

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