Try Favor for Curated Gifts From Across the Globe

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Looking for a gift for your impossibly in-the-know friend — you know, the one who's already heard of every indie brand and owns three of everything? That's when we turn to Favor, which sells highly giftable decor sourced from all around the world.

The store was started by the folks behind Industry West, one of our favorite under-the-radar furniture producers, so you can count on the curation being ::makes chef kissing hand:: good.

Think undiscovered ceramicists, earthy textiles hand-woven in India, hard-to-find Danish accessories, and crafty pottery from collectives across the U.S. What's the best part about Favor's mix? Although the goods come from far and wide and boast top craftsmanship, there's a ton to fit smaller budgets. Here are our editor-approved faves … from Favor:

Small Crescent Quilt, $120

If you don't already know Anchal Project, trust us: You will love their mission (and their aesthetics). Each piece is hand-woven by female artisans in India; through Anchal's program, these women learn a sustaining trade.

Scoop Tray, $100

This elegant solid walnut tray by Marmol Radziner is perfect to display a prized piece of jewelry.

Spoon Rest, $36

For the culinary masters in your life, try one of these artistic handmade spoon rests.

Nordic Candleholder, $39

OYOY, a Danish design brand, crafts these minimal, shape-based candleholders, which feel so elegant and modern.

Short Mug, $40

You can never go wrong with a good mug! Here's a handmade find from ZZIEE.

Linen Fringe Throw, $150

A gauzy linen throw from French brand Linge Particulier is the perfect gift — it's the type of thing you covet but never think to buy for yourself.

Folding Vase, starting at $70

A creation by ceramicist Fanny Laugier, these delicate vases look like folded paper but are, in fact, porcelain. A variety of sizes to choose from!

Pasu Calabash Bunny Basket, $49

Great for the friend whose nursery is an Instagrammable paradise.

Inka Kana Pot, starting at $49

Combining ultrasmooth lines with irresistible colors, these artistic pots are just waiting to be filled with millennial-friendly succulents.

Column Candles, $5

How fun! And such an easy way to make a tablescape stand out — just pick two to three different colors and embrace the eclectic vibe.

Charlie Chair, $210

Have you ever seen such a chic piece of kids' furniture? The design is top-notch, but what's even cooler is that the manufacturer, ecoBirdy, collects broken plastic toys and upcycles them into furniture.

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