14 Memes About Fitted Sheets That Are Beyond Relatable

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Ugh, the dreaded fitted sheet: confidence-ender, instigator of marital drama, obstinate enigma. It's 2019. Why are we still struggling with fitted sheets. All of the below ... hard relate:

1. The only reasonable inventor of fitted sheets is Lucifer himself:

2. It's like some kind of sick game:

3. This actually makes a lot of sense:

4. Actual instructions for folding a fitted sheet:

5. Someone should create a fitness empire based on folding fitted sheets:

6. Little known fact: All Tituba ever did was fold a fitted sheet:

7. Once they're on, it's only a matter of time until ...

8. The flying squirrel technique:

9. There's no shame in just giving up:

10. Not to get all heteronormative on you, but seriously, I have shown my male spouse how to fold a fitted sheet at least 735 times and each time, he's like, "Wait, wait, go back."

11. It's a rare occurrence:

12. It's because she is:

13. Would watch:

14. It took some Instagram influencer to capture this sentiment in a highly 'grammable pic ... nevertheless ... truth.

And an honorable mention for the fitted sheet's pesky cousin, the duvet cover:

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