The 3 Top Reasons People Regret Buying Homes, According to Zillow

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A house with a white picket fence — that's the dream, right? Well, according to three out of four homeowners, once that dream is achieved, it can become a little bit of a nightmare.

Real estate website Zillow surveyed 10,000 homeowners and renters about their biggest regrets, and the results, to be honest, aren't extremely surprising. The number one regret, which 36% of those surveyed share, is dealing with unexpected maintenance and repairs. Renters often have it easier, as they can simply call a super or landlord to have some major items fixed.

The second most common regret is not being able to move without having to sell the house — which is why it's really important to do your research about a neighborhood before buying a home.

And the third is a tie between having to deal with too much yardwork and not liking the finishes or layout of the home. Luckily, both of those problems are easy to solve. If a yard is too much work, there are a number of low-maintenance landscape ideas that you can implement. And though you can't really change the layout of a home, finishes are simple enough to swap out to a look you desire.

Take a look at the full results in the image below:

Check out the full survey to see the breakdown of regrets by major metropolitan area.

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