These Etsy Finds Are an Artsy Alternative to Faux Plants

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With so many brands and influencers posting photos of spaces with lush, large-scale plants, it's hard not to feel left out if you can't seem to keep anything green alive.

We love finding alternatives, like a stylish faux plant, to bring a bit of nature into your space without needing to take a gardening class. Our latest discovery: these unique wooden plants created by an artisan and designer in Spain.

Etsy seller Lafabrica MB uses scrap materials and reclaimed wood in her workshop to create toys, ornaments, and other whimsical pieces.

She creates wooden plants that come with their own pots, ready to fit into your current decor without needing to be watered. The handmade items come in a few varieties, from cactuses to flowers.

The pieces start at $23.12 alone, and $32.36 with a pot included. They're a cute way to embrace your inner plant lover without needing to worry about all the reasons a regular plant might wilt. Plus the pieces double as one-of-a-kind artworks you can add to a coffee table, desk, or bookshelf.

Here's to creative solutions for (natural) decor problems.

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