Calling It: These 12 Trends Are Going to Be Big This Summer, According to the Pros

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Trends change from year to year, and, in most cases, it's even season to season. But summer is a time when we all tend to search for something a little fresher, a little brighter, and a little breezier to incorporate into our homes to complement the warmer temps and sunny weather.

These summer-inspired updates can range from simply tweaking your indoor and outdoor decor here and there (like weaving in finds from summer flea markets and displaying a surfboard or two) or you can make design changes that'll look crisp and airy if you want that summer feeling to carry into the rest of the year (think light-colored marble and free-spirited lighting).

We tapped five design pros to share the things that are catching their eyes this season. They've used these concepts in their own projects, and they're guaranteed to bring summertime bliss into your home. Here are 12 ideas that'll help you gear up for summer.

1. Surfboards as Wall Art

"I have been hanging surfboards in my homes for as long as I can recall, but now, we are making these boards using artwork, wallpaper, and fabric as the design. They fit perfectly in those tall and narrow spaces that are awkward for traditional artwork." — Raili Clasen of RailiCA Design

2. Pieces Built for Entertaining

"Summer weather means more sunny days, and that often brings impromptu get-togethers and out-of-town guests. More people inevitably means less space, so in summer, we want coffee tables that double as ottomans, writing tables that double as nightstands, or side tables turned magazine holders. In this day and age, I think that everything needs to be multifunctional." — Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors

3. Warm Neutrals

"I would say the color beige is back, and it's very good — but nothing too taupe or brown — more like soft neutrals and off-whites. I just love the soft, happy warmth it brings to a space." — Emily Henderson of Emily Henderson Design

4. Fresh Plant Varieties

"The plant craze doesn't seem to be going anywhere and thank goodness for that — I'm all for earth-friendly greenery and fewer meaningless, mass-produced tchotchkes. But I expect we'll see increasingly unique varieties of plants included in homes and gardens. We've definitely gotten more creative with our plant varieties at the Cottage. Spring is such a time of rebirth and revitalization, and we're amplifying that feeling with different types of indoor and outdoor plants that we'd inadvertently overlooked in the past." — Whitney Leigh Morris of The Tiny Canal Cottage

5. Marble Sinks

"Stone is no dying trend, and I am so happy to see more clever ways of adding this timeless, organic material to kitchens and bathrooms. Marble sinks are gorgeous and create a sense of rustic, otherworldly appeal." — Raena Albers of Raena Interiors

6. Vibrant Colors

"It's all about color, color, and more color. People are craving vibrancy after a decade plus of monochrome gray. And when it comes to color, more is more. Unusual color combinations like a peacock green and quince up the ante of this movement and feel thoroughly right now." — Fiona Leonard of Fiona Leonard Interiors

7. Outdoor Signage

"The outdoors always gets blown off in regards to art. We have installed custom artwork outdoors that we have made using metal or wood. They take a bit more of a beating being exposed, but that is part of the character." — Raili Clasen of RailiCA Design

8. Flea Market Finds

"When the days are longer and the weather is fabulous, hit the flea! I firmly believe that a good vintage piece is a staple in every room, and summer is the perfect time to find it. So many people purge during the springtime, so summer is the best time to hit the local flea market or antique show. Not only is it a fun day to wander and explore, but it's also a great way to find some really unique and interesting accent pieces that will be the talk of all of your summer soirees." — Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors

9. Uniquely Sized Pendant Lights

"Extreme-sized pendants might sound crazy, but what I mean is either super oversize or mini pendants. I predict they will be taking over the lighting game. I have been playing a bit more with oversize pendants. They just look so awesome when done right." — Emily Henderson of Emily Henderson Design

10. Eco-Friendly Materials

"This summer, I hope we see a fresh wave of eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes applied to interior and exterior settings. Since our home is so tiny and has many built-ins, it can sometimes be tricky to find the perfect vintage items for select uses and areas. As such, we sometimes opt for pieces designed and produced locally from reclaimed materials. This reduces our footprint while employing artisans and making our tiny home that much more unique and comfortable." — Whitney Leigh Morris of The Tiny Canal Cottage

11. Large Potted Plants

"I'm predicting seeing clusters of pots with a variation of larger trees and plants. This is an excellent way to create different zones, add symmetry, and create privacy and variation in texture. I love that I am seeing the use of Japanese maples, arborvitae, and mature cacti more instead of preppy boxwoods and hydrangeas. It makes any indoor and outdoor space feel more dramatic and rustic." — Raena Albers of Raena Interiors

12. Modern Florals

"Florals are back, a pivot to organic shapes and patterns after a long stint in a geometric world. We're craving comfort, a return to our grandmother's chintz fabrics with the new interpretation of modern coloration and juxtaposed with modern art and accessories." — Fiona Leonard of Fiona Leonard Interiors

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