Should I Get This West Elm Rug or Nah?

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Hello, my name is Leo. You may know me from such @hunkerhome Instagram Stories such as "I Hate My Room: Bedroom Edition."

By now, all my colleagues are just about ready to completely lose their shit if I keep talking about my non-existent bedroom redesign, but I'm curious to see how that goes, so here I am, wondering aloud to the Internets at Large (that's you) if stuff is cool or if I'm crazy.

Today's dilemma: Is this West Elm rug (the style is "Meadow") a wise decision for a bedroom? When I saw it, it felt surprising to me coming from a larger retailer — like, I could easily imagine it in a booth at a design fair in Stockholm or Milan.

It's the type of rug I'd see in someone else's house and go, "Wow, that's cool, I could NEVER wear that," but then realize after a few glasses of wine, "THIS IS AMERICA, I can do whatever I want!"

See, the thing is, I would really like to get a fancy rug from a fancy independent company, but then you're talking about spending thousands (especially since I need a big one, something like 9 x 12). The Meadow rug is currently on sale for $839, which ain't too shabby for price (it's for the largest size). But will I be over it in a year? Help.

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