10 Decorative Items That Will Instantly Make Your Bedroom Feel More Zen

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Between hectic days at work, tackling your to-do list, and keeping up with a social calendar, it can often feel like we're just running through the day at warp speed. So, when life gets a bit crazy, it's nice to have that one place you can always go to relax and re-center your body and mind. And what better place to add a little more Zen than in your bedroom? After all, it's where you go to rest and recharge at the end of each day. Here, 10 decorative accessories that'll help bring a little more Zen into your life.

  1. Ambient Salt Lamp, $19.99

The soft, pink-orange glow and organic shape of this Himalayan salt lamp will make you feel at ease and relaxed. If the decorative allure isn't enough, real Himalayan salt lamps are known to have health benefits, such as air purifying.

2. Coco Coco Room Diffuser, $235

File this under something we never knew we needed: The essence of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, a sensual coconut fragrance with a subtle bitter green edge, filling your nostrils. Made in Mexico, this diffuser by Coqui Coqui is housed in a glass jar with reed diffuser sticks and will transport you to a vacation state of mind.

3. The Levitating Planter, $299

Welcome to the future of Zen. Turn your ordinary houseplant into something extraordinary with this levitating planter.

4. Still Incense Burner, $88

This unique incense holder doubles as a beautiful brass art piece and will immediately enhance your bedroom. Often used during meditations, spa treatments, and more, incense is the perfect addition for creating a calm, centered space.

5. Calm Art Print, starting at $19.99

This graphic script art print by Sisi and Seb is a simple reminder to sit back and relax. Hang somewhere you'll see it often.

6. Lark Candle, starting at $19

This clean and simple candle comes in two scents: Enjoy a desert oasis with the fresh notes of prickly pear, wild geranium, and sweet agave with the small size; or, for a woodsy feel, the big candle gives off a warm aroma of golden amber, sandalwood, teak, and tobacco flower with soft notes of bergamot and velvety peach. Whichever you choose, Zen is just a flicker away.

7. Brussel's Bonsai Indoor Bonsai Tree, $39.99

Bonsai trees represent many things, including balance, harmony, and simplicity, making them the perfect addition to your Zen bedroom.

8. Free People Via Verano Meditation Pillow, $160

These are more than just pretty pillows — they're the perfect place to get comfortable and re-center yourself when you find that your "monkey mind" can't sit still.

9. World Menagerie Newsoms Ceramic Yoga Figurine Set, $78.99

Whether you put them on your bookshelf or desk, these golden yoga figurines will promote feelings of tranquility and peace that will feed into aspects of your everyday life.

10. Uncommon Goods Selenite Wall Hook, $60

Selenite is a beautiful crystal whose name derives from the Greek word meaning "moon" and is believed to bring tranquility into one's life. Not only would this brass wall hook accompanied by raw selenite be an excellent place to hang your favorite necklaces, it can also help create a Zen environment where you can feel at ease in a world full of distractions and noise.

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