Urban Outfitters Is Bringing Back Old-School Room Dividers

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We're powerless against any decor comeback that has a distinct vintage association. Take our obsession with vanities, which immediately makes us think of old Hollywood; or the time we were pretty much ready to buy a landline circa 1980 just 'cause. True, folding screens are nothing ground-breaking, and we definitely give them ample consideration in studio apartment organization, but while browsing Urban's "new" section, we noticed a number of folding screens (okay, they're calling them room dividers) that definitely make us feel like setting one up in a corner of a room, disrobing, and seductively throwing a silk slip over the top.

Ria Room Screen Divider, $249

Printed Room Screen Divider, $499

Slatted Screen Room Divider, $429

Amber Carved Wood Divider Screen, $249

Luciana Ladder Storage Room Divider Screen, $229

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