5 Colors We Think Are Going to Be Huge This Spring

mint bedding
credit: World Market

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, winter. Spring is coming and its message is clear: Bright days are ahead. We've canvased our favorite retailers to see what colors are popping up and found that common themes are pastels and vibrancy.


The nostalgic push-up pop is such a treat. And so is the way the color looks in a space — especially against a neutral background. Creamsicle is a blend of peach, orange, and tangerine hues. This curved sofa from Urban Outfitters' spring collection ($1,099) is on the blazing end of the creamsicle gradient for those who love a bigger punch.

Baby Pink

handwoven outdoor chair
credit: CB2

Pink isn't just a one-trick pony. No longer just for the baby's room, it's springing up in living room furniture, tabletop accessories, and outdoor accents, like this Acapulco pink outdoor chair from CB2 ($299). Its color may be whisper-soft but it still has that notice-me tropical vibe. (For more help, check out our guide on easy ways to add pink to every room of your home.)

Regal Indigo

orb indigo velvet dining chairs
credit: West Elm

Indigo isn't just a hue; it's also a mood. Rich and complex, it's calming and as comforting as your favorite pair of denim. Don't call it a trend: This color, somewhere between blue and violet on the spectrum, has been around forever. But it's seeing a resurgence in modern furniture like these orb-shaped distressed velvet kitchen chairs from West Elm ($299).

Muted Mint

mint ruched bed quilt
credit: World Market

Go ahead, use more than just a hint of mint. Mint has gone from an accent color, used in rugs and tabletop accessories, to a go-to shade for upholstered sofas, chairs, and more. This spring it's showing its softer side in a muted tone that's so right for bedding, like this queen-sized quilt from World Market ($103.99).

Shimmering Moonstone

tufted shimmery lavender headboard
credit: Anthropologie

It's an iteration of the holographic trend. But think space odyssey, not unicorn fantasy. Moonstone is a fancy way of saying there's a hint of color against a translucent background, usually a silvery pink. It's the sheen that makes it special, so look for it in lush fabrics like this tufted velvet headboard from Anthropologie ($1,558.40).

Kelly Aiglon

Kelly Aiglon

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