We Asked Experts What to Look for in 2019 Design Trends

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High/Low Eclectic

"I'm not sure where the trend is headed, but for me personally, I'd like to see more eclecticism with a mix of vintage/new and high/low. A look that's less cookie-cutter and more about what means something special to people. A uniquely personal look that's all their own would be so interesting to see." — Victoria Smith, blogger at SF Girl by Bay and owner of Super Marché, an online shop that sources vintage goods from France

Stacked Tile

"I'm especially looking forward to seeing more stacked tile and different tile patterns rather than the typical subway tile stacked in a brick pattern. Although, I love that look (we have it on our own home) and think it's timeless, I think there are so many other ways to create a unique visual using tile. Stacked horizontal and stacked vertical are both becoming more popular and I'm excited to see what else might pop up too. I think it's definitely a more modern look and should only be used in the right space, but hen done right, it's so beautiful!" — Bre Bertolini, blogger and designer

More Natural Stone

"My clients all want more marble and natural stone with eye catching movement in their new kitchen and baths. Either the real thing or very good faux versions by way of engineered countertops and porcelain tile (for durability and budget reasons). I believe there is a return to material luxury, even in minimal and pared down aesthetics." — Natalie Myers, owner/principal designer at Veneer Designs

More Risks With Color and Art

In 2019 we will say good-bye to the "griege" and make a real commitment to richer hues and deeper colors — giving rooms more depth and texture. And not just colors, but patterns. We'll see people taking more risks with walls, flooring and larger, more intense art choices. Design will become deliberate, with each choice considered, each room edited, rather than the collected, over-decorated look. And plants are everything! We'll see nature in new and interesting ways with statement plants, indoor trees and the blurring of inside/outside in more sophisticated ways. — Andrea Stanford, Senior Vice President at Society6

New Bathroom Details

"Between a project in Portland and my mountain fixer, I designed so.many.bathrooms this year (9!!). I knew I didn't want them all to be carbon copies of each other, so I looked at more images of bathrooms than you'd think humanly possible for inspiration. Here's what I saw as recurring themes/trends that I'm really into for 2019: polished nickel over brass for faucets and fixtures (it's warmer than chrome and feels so timeless), long skinny tiles instead of basic subway (laid out in a stacked application) and floor-to-ceiling glass enclosures." — Emily Henderson, interior designer and tastemaker

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