15 Amazon Gifts for Everyone on Your List (Probably)

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Amazon is a dream year-round, but it's especially heavenly during the holidays: You can avoid the crowds, count on timely shipping, and get all of your shopping done in one place. Not sure where to start on your holiday hunt? This selection of gifts should hit pretty much everyone on your list!

1. Teroforma Infusion Kit, $64.99

This all-in-one kit allows the user to concoct any type of infused spirit the mind can imagine. The benefit of this gift? Next time you come over, your friend will hopefully have a rather interesting cocktail for you to try.

2. Areaware Pizza Puzzle, $15

Who doesn't love pizza? Here's a great little gift for children or that co-worker who likes to keep "fun" things on their desk.

3. Kikkerland Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer, $18.99

A kitchen timer may seem like an unsexy holiday gift, but trust us: If your friend cooks, they'll use the heck out of this.

4. Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag, $10

Baggu's bags can be used for so many things but the best part might be that you can ball them up and put them in your pocket — meaning you're ready to carry stuff whenever.

5. Now House by Jonathan Adler Wink Box, $30

Jonathan Adler's new Amazon home goods line is damn good — And this trippy eye box proves it.

6. Storm Glass Weather Predictor, $29.99

For that one person who is always pissed off at the weather, there's storm glass, which supposedly transforms to mirror, even predict the weather outside.

7. Le Creuset Salt Crock, $35.95

Le Creuset, c'est chic. No matter your loved one's kitchen decor, a classic Le Creuset addition will always fit in.

8. Diptyque Sapin de Lumière Votive, $69.99

Here's a good early-holiday gift to give to the person you won't see during Christmas: Diptyque's pine tree-inspired candle, perfectly scented for festivities.

9. Tiger Corporation Rice Cooker, $60.99

The secret to this handy gift is to give it to your live-in partner ... because it's basically something you want, too.

10. Duralex Picardie Glasses (set of six), $23.95

These classically French glass tumblers give a table — or just your daily life — a certain je ne sais quoi.

11. Scandinavian Hub Wall-Mount Baskets, $32.95

Got a friend living in tight quarters? These geometric baskets look lovely hanging on a wall, plus they offer extra storage.

12. Mkono Boho Wall Hanging, $24.68

Who knew you could get boho-cool macramé on Amazon? So: Who has been wanting one of these forever?

13. Coffee Gator Pour-Over Brewer, $27.97

Get coffee absolutely perfect with this handy pour-over.

14. Woolrich Gettysburg Blanket, $92.25

We would be mighty pleased to receive any blanket by Woolrich — This gray one would fit in with any decor style.

15. Sustainable Village Brass Mister, $29.99

For your millennial plant mom — now she can finally have one of these fancy misters.

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