16 Affordable Ceramic Trinkets to Gift This Holiday

workaday green bowls
credit: Workaday

It's no secret here at Hunker: We just love our ceramic goods. So when it comes to holiday gifting, we often feel that little handmade pieces make for meaningful, no-fail presents. Here, a selection of affordable ceramic trinkets for everyone on your list!

Luvhaus Ametrine Mug, $40
credit: Luvhaus

Wow — it's kind of rare to find a ceramic piece in such a brilliant and peculiar hue. Gift this to your friend who just landed a new job, as no office mate could get away with claiming, "Oh, I thought this was my mug."

L.A.-based ceramicist Kelley Burnett's incense holder is simple and basic — and that's the beauty of it.

We love Portland-based Pigeon Toe! This two-toned bowl would look great on a bud's #shelfie.

You can never have too many small, one-off dishes. Give this to the person who is always leaving behind a trail of bobby pins, earrings, keys, etc.

Recreation Center Dot Pour Over, $50
credit: Mociun

Coffee nerds, here's a custom creation for ya!

IIIVVVYYY Open Palm, $40

For your desert-chic pal, try this handmade palm dish — perfect for resting a piece of burning palo santo.

East Fork Small Bud Vase, $34
credit: East Fork

Fun fact: I once showed my husband a bud vase I was thinking of buying and he said, "A bud vase? What is that? A vase for friends?" Yes. A vase for friends.

This classy candle set is housed in hand-thrown vessels that would make excellent sake cups in their second life.

Leif Matte Porcelain Tumbler, $28
credit: Leif Shop

A lovely (and affordable) accent for the loved one who could use a bit more color in their home.

Lucy Michel Ring Dish, $40
credit: Midland

Got a newly engaged friendo? Lucy Michel's ring dish will show that you are SO EXCITED FOR HER.

Schoolhouse Glazed Ceramic Oil Lamp, $34
credit: Schoolhouse

It would be quite Goop-y to have a dinner party table lit by ceramic oil lamps. We all have that friend. They'll love this.

Got a buddy who is living that minimalist life? Humble's simple tumbler should fit right in.

Workaday Salt Bowl, $24
credit: Workaday

Oooh. This would look so great in a kitchen, but it's also tempting to buy a bunch to use in other areas of the house. How gorgeous would this look on a vanity with some gold jewelry?

Wheel Ceramic Company Incense Dome, $56
credit: Garmentory

Throw a piece of incense in here to create a warm little hut — so cozy for the holidays.

Jenni Kayne Candle Holder, $55
credit: Jenni Kayne

Pair this ceramic candle base with a cool pillar candle, and you've got yourself a winning gift.

Hanselmann Match Striker, $20
credit: Hanselmann

Match boxes and lighters: Out. Ceramics specifically made for lighting matches: In.

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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