21 Straight-Up Perfect Target Home Buys Under $10

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We love Target — oh boy, do we ever. Only problem is, we can never seem to get out of there without spending a minimum of, like, $50? We decided to scour the racks and we found these all-around fantastic items — each for less than $10. Now the only issue is ... can you buy just one?

1. Chesapeake Bay Pumpkin Maple Candle, $8.99

Even if pumpkin isn't your thing (but really, it should be), this burgundy ceramic candle holder is the perfect cold-weather touch.

2. Hearth & Hand Striped Kitchen Towel, $3.99

Chip & Jo: You know our weak spot. And it's classic textiles for only a few bucks.

3. Smith & Hawken Stoneware Vase, $9.99

This vase can be more "design object" without flowers; otherwise, it allows you to create an artistic arrangement.

4. Room Essentials Pendant Light, $7.99

Lighting: It's one of those things that will absolutely destroy your bank account. Unless, that is, you fake it with a few of these modern pendants.

5. Opalhouse White Napkin (set of four), $9.99

These white napkins are so versatile — with lighter colors, they bring summer vibes; paired with warmer textures, they become holiday-friendly.

6. Made by Design Paper Towel Holder, $8

Didn't know we needed a cool paper towel holder until we saw this. SOLD.

7. Pillowfort Decorative Basket, $7.99

One of our fave sneaky decor moves? Spying on kids' collections for chic pieces. Exhibit A: This textured basket from Target's kids' line, Pillowfort.

8. Cravings by Chrissy Teigen Acacia Wood Serving Set, $9.99

You had us at Chrissy.

9. Threshold Faux Stem Split Leaf Philodendron, $4.99

Ain't no shame in faux plants.

10. Project 62 Solid Beech Wood Clock, $9.99

Your bedside table is missing this fetching wood accent.

11. Threshold Candy Cane Stripe Napkins (set of four), $9.99

There are so many ways to play with these napkins — make them preppy, farmhouse chic, Parisian ...

12. Threshold Recycled Glass Table Lamp (lamp only), $9.99

Here's a great basic that will work in pretty much any room.

13. Threshold Textured Trim Lamp Shade, $9.99

And don't forget the shade — this neutral number suits so many styles.

14. Threshold Geo Bottle Opener, $4.99

Fool all your friends and tell them you got this at a quirky Williamsburg decor shop no one has heard of yet.

15. Project 62 Chambray Oven Mitt, $6.99

This cheap chambray mitt looks way more fancy than its price tag.

16. Natural Home Cork Coasters (set of four), $3.99

There's something kinda Scandi-chic about these simple cork coasters.

17. Project 62 Glass Decanter With Wood Stopper, $9.99

Same goes for this streamlined decanter.

18. Hearth & Hand Enamel Corn Boat (set of two), $9.99

"Corn boat" might seem like an oddly specific example of serveware, but we'd gladly use these for any noshable ... or jewelry storage, lipstick displays, entryway catchalls ...

19. Ello Glass Food Storage Container, $8.79

Upgrade your mismatched Tupperware with a few of these colorful glass food containers.

20. Hearth & Hand Black/White Hand Towel, $5.99

FYI: The black-and-white bathroom trend is here to stay. This hand towel would make a lovely addition.

21. Threshold Recycled Glass Soap Dish, $7.99

Wow. This soap dish is kinda mesmerizing.

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