This Company Wants to Make Flatware Anything but Boring

snowe flatware
credit: Snowe

Flatware: It's a bit boring ... even for us, believe it or not. But homeware retailer Snowe likes to spice things up — remember that time they sold their blush bedding for seven percent cheaper in protest of the pink tax? So this new shoot they've done to present their flatware is right on brand: It makes art out of the most mundane of home goods — forks, spoons, and knives.

snowe flatware photoshoot
credit: Snowe
Anisha Spice's interpretation

Snowe's flatware offerings come in three metals: classic stainless, black satin, and brushed gold, starting at $152 per set of 20. To show these utensils off in their best light, the Snowe team challenged eight up-and-coming artists to style the flatware like they would luxury fashion accessories, and it's so interesting to see each of their interpretations.

flatware photoshoot
credit: Snowe
Mackenzie Freemire's interpretation

The result is the equivalent of a high-fashion magazine shoot. We're talking snakes, pearls, and jewels galore. It's safe to say they hit the nail on the head — so who are these promising artists? They're Que Duong, Anisha Spice, Mackenzie Freemire, Evan Sheehan, Alex Wallbaum, Jessica Marak, Aleia Murawski, and Gretchen Roehrs.

forks styled as a dress
credit: Snowe
Gretchen Roehrs' interpretation

We're excited to see what creative concept Snowe comes up with next.