For Those Who Are Adulting, We Present Oxblood (Because Millennial Pink Just Won’t Do Anymore)

Blu Dot Oxblood Dandy Leather Lounge Chair
credit: Blu Dot

You and a certain generationally aligned shade of blush have had some good times together, but growing up means learning that there are other colors in the spectrum. We know the perfect place to start: oxblood, a rich, dark shade of red that feels very now, in spite of dating back more than 200 years (how's that for grown up?). Read on to discover some of our favorite picks.

Blu Dot Swole Small Table
credit: Blu Dot

A sleek, cantilevered table that's equally at home under fancy cocktails or a TV dinner for one.

A classic piece of cookware in a classic color, and perfect for all your fall stews and soups.

Nickey Kehoe Leather Fringe Coasters
credit: Nickey Kehoe

Nothing like fancy leather coasters to let the world know you're an adult. (But the fringe keeps it fun.)

Blu Dot Dandy Leather Lounge Chair
credit: Blu Dot

This perfectly proportioned chair really, really wants to give you a hug (but in a super classy way). Plus, it's on sale.

Just because you're growing up doesn't mean you have to stop riding your bicycle. Just get one in a cool color.

What's a desk diary, you ask in your most Millennial tone of voice? It's like the IRL version of your Google Calendar.

Blu Dot Bobber Small Pendant Light
credit: Blu Dot

A chic fixture that injects a pop of color.

Lush II Painting by Christian Neuman
credit: Saatchi Art

According to the artist, this painting "embodies philosophical and political thoughts in a radical aesthetic." Sure, why not. Also, the color is awesome.

Porcelain and oxblood give this planter a satisfying luster.

Anna Kraitz's Mine Tea Cup
credit: Design Public

If you'd rather ease into this bold new color, try this elegant teacup, in which oxblood plays a supporting role.

ed Baker Luggo Metallic-Trim Small Suitcase
credit: Ted Baker

Rose gold accents add a splash of playfulness to this otherwise serious piece of luggage.

The rich hue of this candle is a perfect accompaniment to the luxurious tuberose scent.

Eve Epstein

Eve Epstein

Eve Epstein is the VP of content and editor-in-chief of Hunker. She is the co-author of "X vs. Y: A Culture War, a Love Story" (Abrams, 2014) and "The Scratch and Sniff Book of Weed" (Abrams, 2017).