Danish Design Brand Hay Is About to Be Everywhere

hay bits and bobs tray
credit: Hay

We have to wonder if one of the reasons Americans covet Scandinavian design so much is because it's not quite accessible. (Always want what you can't have, right?) Sure, there's Ikea. But when it comes to the smaller brands — like Ferm or Menu — you're only likely to find a very small selection in specialty or high-end shops.

Hay, the Danish collective founded in 2002, has actually been one Scandinavian brand with a relatively high level of global visibility thanks to their many collaborations. In just the past year, the company created a collection for Ikea and worked with Sonos to market colorful speakers.

hay circle hooks
credit: Hay

But still, what we've seen stateside has often been a limited glimpse of what Hay offers — turns out, in addition to accessories, they have a wide range of furniture and lighting.

hay green velvet couch
credit: Hay

Good news: Earlier this summer, Herman Miller acquired a large interest in Hay, with the goal of using their resources to expand Hay's products across the U.S. According to a press release, Hay's "goods will be available through Herman Miller's Design Within Reach channels." There will also be a shoppable site and four Hay retail locations opening across North America.

No word yet on where those stores will open — just keep your fingers crossed one will be near you!