This Home Decor Trend Needs an Early Retirement

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Home decor trends come and go, but some stay well past their welcome. Kind of like that dinner party guest who stays way too long and just doesn't get the hint — even after you've put on your pajamas.

Word decor is that party guest, and it's time to say goodnight.

From KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON pillows to Joanna Gaines commissioning custom metal signs from Jimmy Don Holmes on Fixer Upper, for the better part of a decade, objects with dreamy or motivational phrases have been a huge trend in home decor.

Millions of people use word decor to put their FAMILY first, HUSTLE at work, feel at HOME in their living rooms, and generally, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. But, at this point, word decor is, at least in my opinion, no longer serving its intended purpose.

In theory, this type of decoration should allow you to make a visual statement with your words. It should say something about who you are, what you like, and what you believe in without you ever having to open your mouth.

In reality, the words now get lost in implication. Let's be real: This stuff is basic.

It feels like something you use as a conversation starter because you don't feel comfortable starting a conversation. It feels like a crutch. At this point when I see a DANCE LIKE NO ONE'S WATCHING, a CHOOSE HAPPY, or even a BLESSED message, the whole thing elicits an "ugh, I get it" feeling.

So, with the exception of repurposed vintage signs that tell a story beyond what they say, I'm calling it on word decor and saying thank you, but your services are no longer needed. Because a home without a HOME is still a home.

And yeah, you can BREATHE without a sign reminding you to.

Sara Nachlis is a multimedia writer and editor living in Los Angeles by way of Long Beach, CA. Did you know Sublime is from there?

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