Here’s What to Do if You’re Worried About Lead in Your Drinking Water

If you Google search "How much water should I drink in a day," guess how many results come up? 717,000,000. That's a lot of people wondering just how much H2O they should be putting in their bodies daily. Because let's face it: whether you get in your eight 8-ounce glasses a day or not, everyone knows that water is essential to our health and well-being.

These days as many of us are turning away from plastic water bottles (because you can't go wrong with being earth-friendly and saving money), we're turning towards the water in our own homes. Unfortunately, this brings about fears of drinking contaminated water. And understandably so, in the wake of news headlines such as lead contamination in Flint, Michigan and other regions — people are worried about their own tap water.

And while we're not trying to jump on the fear mongering train, there are some facts that we just can't ignore. Lead can seep into tap water from service pipes and solder used on faucets and fixtures — especially in homes built before 1986. Disclaimer: [LG1] According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), children's lead consumption can result in behavioral and learning problems, hyperactivity, a lower IQ, stunted growth, hearing issues, and anemia. In adults, it's linked with increased blood pressure, decreased kidney function, and reproductive problems. So finding the right water filter that can remove lead is key – however not all filters are created equal. The good news is that with the right water filtration system and some careful thought, you can mitigate the chance — and fear — of lead contamination.

Whirlpool Corporation produces the EveryDrop® water filters, all of which are certified to filter out lead. They are also certified to remove other common contaminants, such as various pesticides, removed by filters 1-7 .* You want to make sure that the filter you buy is explicitly certified by NSF or WQA to remove lead, because not all of them do. Or else, why get one, right?

credit: EveryDrop

For instance, the EveryDrop Refrigerator Filters are certified to remove 99 percent of lead with a pH level of 6.5 from both your water and ice, as long as you switch them out every six months**. And even if you don't have a fridge with a water dispenser, you can magnetically mount an EveryDrop Water Dispenser to the front or side of your fridge. So no more excuses about not being able to get in your recommended eight glasses of water per day.

EveryDrop water filter
credit: EveryDrop

And as we mentioned, water filters only work optimally if you change them regularly. If you do something like a subscription plan such as the one offered by EveryDrop, a new filter will show up on your doorstep every six months to remind you it's time to replace. No need to set up a recurring reminder in your smartphone – the work is done for you.

However, only you can drink your recommended eight glasses. No filter, no matter how powerful, can do that for you.

  • Contaminants reduced are not necessarily in all users' water. Filter models vary in the number and quantity of contaminants reduced. Filters are tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 401 for the reduction of the specific contaminants listed on each filter's Performance Data Sheet, which are available at

**Certified by NSF International. Reduction may vary based on your water's PH level. Contaminants reduced by this water filter are not necessarily in all users' water.

Carolin Lehmann

Carolin Lehmann

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