Add to Cart: Suck It, Summer. We're Bringing Pumpkin Spice Back Now.

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Real talk here. We are not ready to stop smelling the summer roses (and sipping rosé) just yet. However, we cannot ignore autumn's tempting flavors and scents, either. If you're like us, the itch to order the first pumpkin chai latte of the season is as strong as an espresso shot. Worry not, as we have a fragrant solution: a pumpkin chai candle by Nest Fragrances.

So, what kind of pumpkin-y goodness are we talking about here? It's a mixture of sweet and spicy scents — masala chai, pumpkin, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon — that create that intoxicating, welcoming aroma. We also can't complain about the snazzy votive, which feels one part midcentury (thanks to that pop of orange), and another part art deco (love the geometric detailing on the glass).

Like many designer candles, Nest's pumpkin offering doesn't come with a Target-style price tag. But, the good news is that you get some bang for your buck — the candle has three wicks and promises 80 to 100 hours of burn time. Meaning, it might actually carry you into September, at which point, wrapping yourself in a cable knit sweater and watching Gilmore Girls with a cup of tea might actually be acceptable.

But we say: Go on, grab all the fall feels ASAP.

Nest Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Three-Wick Candle, $68