This Survey Reveals the U.K.'s Most Hated Interior Design Trends

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Trends: They come and go. And our friends over in the U.K. are considering themselves blessed that the below have gone.

How do we know? Samsung put together a panel of design experts from U.K. publications like Wallpaper, Ideal Home, and House Beautiful to create a shortlist of the worst interior design trends of the past half century. Then, 2,000 U.K. adults voted for which they find the worst of the worst.

But now why is Samsung, of all companies, commissioning a survey like this? Because it's launching its new QLED TV range. The TVs in this line are able to blend into the home environment seamlessly, thus helping you avoid styling disasters.

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Makes sense. But back to the ugly. Below, the home trends that have been voted inexcusable.

1. Toilet rugs/furry toilet seat covers — 44 percent

2. Taxidermy — 39 percent

credit: Twenty20

3. Avocado bathrooms — 32 percent

4. Floral chintz furniture — 28 percent

5. Waterbeds — 25 percent

Artex walls and ceilings — 25 percent

Carpeted bathrooms — 25 percent

6. Rag rolled walls — 23 percent

Tribal carvings, masks, and wall hangings — 23 percent

7. Stone cladding — 19 percent

Animal print anything — 19 percent

animal print
credit: Twenty20

Inspirational quote art stenciled on the walls — 19 percent

wall decal
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Carpeted or textured walls — 19 percent

Beaded curtains — 19 percent

beaded curtains
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Living room bars — 19 percent

8. Bidets — 17 percent

credit: Twenty20

Round beds — 17 percent

9. Professional family portraits — 15 percent

family portrait
credit: Twenty20

Shabby chic anything — 15 percent

shabby chic
credit: Twenty20

10. Shag pile carpets — 14 percent

11. Wicker furniture indoors — 12 percent

Wallpaper borders — 12 percent

12. Curtain pelmets — 11 percent

TV cupboards — 11 percent

Stenciled walls or decals — 11 percent

wall decal
credit: Twenty20

Carolin Lehmann

Carolin Lehmann

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