Decor-O-Scopes: Outdoor Lounge Chairs

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When it comes to making life's biggest decisions, there's always research and reason. But that's, just ... boring? We much prefer listening to what's in the stars, and so when it comes to decorating, astrology can actually be helpful. Hear us out: Every zodiac sign has their own decorating style — from color-obsessed Aquarius; to luxurious Taurus; to bohemian Sagittarius. Here are 12 outdoor lounge chairs for each sign, with summer cocktails and tunes to match.

ARIES: Coral Coast Nicobar Steel Wicker Egg Chair, $139.98

Aries tend to go hard during the summer, so while they're unlikely to sit back and relax for long, this cushy, roomy egg-shape chair might entice them to stay put an extra minute or two.

Cocktail: Raspberry Wine Slushies

Summer song: "APESHIT" by The Carters

TAURUS: CB2 Gala Gold Lounge Chair, $299

This Earth sign may stick close to home during summer, but every queen needs a throne in her castle.

Cocktail: Mango Coconut Orange Vodka Slush

Summer song: "Summer Games" by Drake

GEMINI: Anthropologie Dual Indoor/Outdoor Rocking Chair, $499.95

Ever the social butterfly, the sign of the Twins could easily spend all night kiki-ing with a friend in this twin rocking chair.

Cocktail: Strawberry Lime Moscow Mule

Summer song: "SoulMate" by Justin Timberlake

CANCER: World Market Wicker Andalusia Outdoor Chair, $99.99

Thanks to this chair's roomy seat and high, straight back, contemplative Cancers can sit comfortably cross-legged in meditation for hours (if they want) without screwing up their posture.

Cocktail: Kentucky Buck

Summer song: "Dark Spring" by Beach House

LEO: Serena & Lily Driftwood Palisades Chair, $448

Made out of lightweight driftwood, this folding chair has a handle for easy portability, so luxurious Leo can always lay back in style.

Cocktail: Peach Whiskey Iced Tea

Summer song: "Summertime Magic" by Childish Gambino

VIRGO: Pier 1 Laki Sand Nesting Lounge Chair and Ottoman, $149.98

Type-A Virgo is drawn to simplicity, efficiency, and a bargain, so they'll love that this lounge chair comes with its own nesting ottoman for under $150.

Cocktail: Tequila Honey Bee

Summer song: "I Might Need Security" by Chance the Rapper

LIBRA: ZM Home Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Lounge Chair, $425.99

Symbolized by the scales, Libra will love that this modern lounge chair's balance of wood and wicker would work inside or out.

Cocktail: Vanilla Bourbon Cherry Smash

Summer song: "Come Over" by The Internet

SCORPIO: Crate & Barrel Morocco Oval Lounge Chair, $449

Comfort is key for homebody Scorpio, who will be quite content to sit crosslegged atop this egg-shape chair's cushion-y seat no matter the time of day.

Cocktail: Spicy Jalapeño Grapefruit Margarita

Summer song: "Drip" by Cardi B featuring Migos

SAGITTARIUS: Urban Outfitters Bianca Chair, $379

This high-backed wooden lounger has a modern rustic vibe that fits with Sag's natural decor aesthetic and is perfect for sunbathing.

Cocktail: Kentucky Lemonade Cocktail

Summer song: "Big God" by Florence and the Machine

CAPRICORN: One Kings Lane Eucalyptus Outdoor Swing Lounger, $169

Capricorn can be a total workaholic, so when this Earth sign takes a load off to unwind, they need a chair so comfy that it will keep them there — and the hammock-like seat of this swing lounger is just the ticket.

Cocktail: Strawberry Lime Moscow Mule

Summer song: "Wanderer" by Cat Power

AQUARIUS: West Elm Wicker Colorblock Outdoor Lounge Chair, $239

Color! Pattern! Texture! This lounge chair is as extra as Aquarius after a few poolside cocktails.

Cocktail: Pink Lemonade Vodka Slushie

Summer song: "Still Run" by Wet

PISCES: Bungalow Rose Adelphi Denim Lounge Chair, $289.99

This low-slung denim lounger is just what serene Pisces needs for stargazing on clear summer nights.

Cocktail: Grapefruit Rosemary Frose

Summer song: "Date Night" by Father John Misty

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