Elon Musk Plans to Get into Brick-Making for Affordable Housing

elon musk
credit: Twenty20

So you know how Elon Musk's Boring Company is building tunnels under L.A. for the purpose of escaping traffic? Well, turns out all that dug-up dirt is going to be put to good use.

But first, let's rewind a bit. On May 5, Musk tweeted that he's starting a candy company (and it's going to be amazing). He says he's being "super super serious" in his announcement of the venture, but we can't confirm. Bear with us.

Writer Cody Johnston was less than impressed, tweeting (in part) that Musk should really consider getting into the affordable housing market instead. But here's the thing: Musk already has plans in the works, which he confirmed in a direct response to Johnston. Talk about a clapback.

The Boring Company spokesperson confirmed these plans to Bloomberg, saying the bricks will come from "excavated muck," and that "there will be an insane amount of bricks." They also told Bloomberg that future Boring Company offices will be constructed from these bricks.

Of course, these comments open a can of worms of questions. How will they be able to make these bricks more affordable than normal bricks? Is the cost of bricks the issue when it comes to affordable housing, or is it the cost of land? We're not sure, but there ya have it: Just when you think Musk's plate is full, he drops candy and brick ventures on you. We're excited to see how this all plays out.