Decor-O-Scopes: Sizzling Summer Buys for Every Zodiac Sign

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When it comes to making life's biggest decisions, there's always research and reason. But that's just ... boring? We much prefer listening to what's in the stars, and so when it comes to decorating, astrology can actually be helpful. Hear us out: Every zodiac sign has their own decorating style — from intense, sultry Scorpio; to airy, artsy Libra; to bold, glamorous Aries. Here are some hot summer buys for every zodiac sign!

ARIES: Target Centennial Rolling Cooler, $139.99

One of the more social signs of the zodiac, Aries loves to entertain outside, making the most of those long, sunny summer days. A fan of bright colors and industrial design, this kelly green retro rolling cooler is the perfect purchase to kick off the season.

TAURUS: Urban Outfitters Palmera Fan Headboard, $79

Taurus is the interior decorator of the zodiac and sees the arrival of a new season as a reason to buy another impractical, glamorous, statement-making piece they just had to have. This enormous old-fashioned fan works as a piece of wall art or a bedroom headboard.

GEMINI: CB2 Braided Jute Floor Cushion, $79.95

Dual natured Gemini is both an extroverted conversationalist and a great listener, so a pair of these jute floor cushions — which are simple but eclectic, and can be used indoors or out — offer the perfect seating arrangement for their next intense one-on-one.

CANCER: Pier 1 Multi-Colored Striped Hammock Chair, $39.95

Introspective and sensitive, Cancers welcome any chance to embrace a little solitude — to read, to make art, or to simply think. This single-occupancy hammock chair is their ideal little nook for enjoying such pleasures on a warm summer day.

LEO: Uncommon Goods Bricks Yard Game, $160

With a larger-than-life personality and competitive spirit, Leo is first to volunteer to host a few friends for game night. This giant bricks game is meant to be played outside, so the entire neighborhood can hear the winner holler "JENGA!"

VIRGO: Opalhouse by Target Peel-and-Stick Removable Wallpaper, $29.99

If anyone could wallpaper a room with nary a bubble or misalignment to be found, it's Virgo, the Zodiac's chief perfectionist. Virgo's home is a constant work in progress, however, so Virgos will appreciate that this glorious floral-printed wallpaper has a peel-and-stick application and can be easily removed when it's time for something different.

LIBRA: H&M Fruit Patterned Pitcher and Cups, $3.99-$9.99

The ultimate host, warm and welcoming Libra decorates their home with company in mind — their guest bedroom will put any hotel to shame. Drop by unexpectedly on a hot summer day, and Libra will miraculously produce a pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade, pour it into matching cups, and let you bend their ear for hours.

SCORPIO: Anthropologie Patina Chime, $38

A Scorpio's home reflects not just their aesthetic tastes, but all of their personality traits. For example, the abundance of personal mementos of friendships and experiences is a testament to their loyalty, while the many decorative boxes and containers hiding illicit and/or sexy treasures reflects their secretive nature. The jingle of a wind chime is oddly meditative for this introverted sign, but knowing it drives their neighbors nuts is pure DGAF Scorpio pettiness.

SAGITTARIUS: Brewer & Marr Glassworks Prickly Pear Suncatcher, $54

This nature lover and avid globe trotter fills their home with decor and trinkets that remind them of all that exists outside their front door. Every glimmering ray of light cast through the colored glass of this prickly pear suncatcher will remind them of their last trip to the desert or inspire them to book a new one.

CAPRICORN: CB2 Saic Watering Carafe, $14.95

Stubborn and determined, this earth sign's green thumb will make even the most temperamental plants flourish under their watchful eye and strict watering schedule. Capricorns love art, luxe materials and sophisticated decor, so a plain old watering can would be stored when not in use — but this sleek "carafe" is sculptural enough for snooty Cap to display.

AQUARIUS: Uncommon Goods Outdoor Wine Glass Set, $20

Symbolized by the waterbearer, this vivacious air sign actually prefers wine, thank you very much — it's keeping it in their glass that's the problem. These outdoor wine glasses have pointy stems that can be securely staked into grass or sand, somewhat protecting the pinot grigio from becoming a casualty of Aquarius's animated storytelling.

PISCES: Kate Pugsley Swimmers Print, $45

The mermaid of the zodiac may celebrate their birthday in the dead of winter, but summer is really this water sign's season. When Pisces isn't bodysurfing at the beach or lazily luxuriating upon a pizza pool float, they're daydreaming about doing just that. Pisces love water, and this lovely illustration by artist Kate Pugsley would be a welcome addition.

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